Why Regular Eye Examination Is Essential for Seniors

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Have you seen your parents ignoring regular health checkup? There are very a few who regularly and willingly go to see a doctor. Apart from the internal problems, they often get other physical problems, most prominently ENT issues. Irregular checkup and lack of medicine can bring several issues. The senior care home in Oklahoma always encourages people to have a yearly checkup.

Older adults have a tendency of skipping the annual vision examination, which is why they get increasing issues. Generally, if the glasses are working well, seniors do not consider of visiting an ophthalmologist.

As we age, our organs start showing more problems and when ignore for a longer time, it can turn into a bigger one. An annual checkup can reduce that risk and help you see the beautiful world. According to doctors, the timely examination can help to detect and treat these issues. Some of the problems might not be completely cured, but they could be under control.

Here are the problems:

home senior care in Oklahoma

Cataracts – The sign of an aging eye is a cataract. On-time detection and removal of a cataract is completely safe, and it is completely recoverable. A cataract makes the eye lens less visible and untreated for a long time can cause vision loss. Symptoms of a cataract are blurry vision, teary eyes and sensitivity to light.

Glaucoma – Pressure buildup in the eyes can cause this problem. It pressurizes and damages optical nerve leading to peripheral or complete vision loss. This is more challenging because it has no primary symptoms or pain.

home senior care in Oklahoma

Diabetic Retinopathy – According to home senior care in Oklahoma, a great number of seniors suffer from diabetic retinopathy. This leading cause of blindness in adults shows no early or warning signs. This disease damages the optical blood vessels and causes swelling and fluid leak.

Hypertensive Retinopathy – We all know about hypertension and its ill-effects on kidney or heart. But very a few know about its effects on vision. Untreated hypertension can cause this problem. Here the blood vessels become narrowed down leading to bleeding in the back of the eye and optical nerve-damaging and swelling.

You can ask your senior care home in Oklahoma to make sure these checkups for your parents yearly or as required. Wellness is always the priority; therefore, it is imperative to do all these for a better life.