Why Are Nurses So Important in Assisted Living Homes?

A Nurse

To give older adults a safe and a comfortable life, assisted living is needed. Assisted living homes are basically communities where older people can get the support and compassion they need.  The staff at the assisted living homes are all well trained to provide older people with all the possible help they may require to live their life properly.

There are professional caregivers and nurses to take care of the residents, and also doctors for routine checkups and necessary treatment. In both assisted living homes and private assisted living in Oklahoma, nurses play a significant role. Without their contribution, assisted living would not have earned this much popularity. Their patience, compassion and helpful nature help seniors get adequate aid to make them physically and mentally healthy.

Here are some ways nurses help older adults by implementing their skills and positive attitude.

A nurse helping an old aged woman
  1. Nurses help to organize a team for the senior people to make, implement, evaluate and revise the program per the requirements of each individual. They conduct a collaborative process to ensure the best quality of life for the senior people. Private assisted living in Oklahoma facilitates this with the help of the nursing staff.

  2. Proper education is very important for nurses. Without proper knowledge, they would not be able to coordinate new training, continue their programs, evolve themselves and help the residents to learn more about their well-being and a better life.

  3. Medication management is a crucial part of both assisted living homes and private assisted living in Oklahoma. The Food and Drug Administration reports that in Oklahoma, 30% of prescribed drugs and 40% of over the counter drugs are sold to seniors. It is very dangerous for seniors or anyone to consume excessive amount of drugs. For this reason, in assisted living, the nurses control and administer the correct dose of drugs to the seniors in their care.

  4. If an illness is chronic, it needs regular monitoring. Medication, diet, exercise and all other required things need to be supervised by a professional. The nurses do this carefully with full responsibility.

  5. A thorough check-up of any new residents, making a chart of their needs and preferences, medical aid and other supports, are all done by a nurse. They also help the new residents to adjust to their new environment.

To get the help of such compassionate and supportive nurses with a positive approach, you need to find out a reliable assisted living home or consult a service provider of private assisted living in Oklahoma. Red Haven Care Homes is one of the most reputable assisted living service providers where senior people can get proper attention, care and aid. Visit us for a nice place for your older loved ones to live a healthy life.