When Seniors at Your Home Need an Assisted Living?

seniors in assisted living

Long-term care requires skilled medical practitioners to provide healthcare while dealing with some common problems or conditions that are associated with seniors. It has several services included like for chronic diseases, injury or physical disabilities making them unable to take care of themselves in their usual home.

Assisted Living in a Real Home in OKC

A health professional who evaluates the capacity of a person to perform routine tasks or activities of daily living (ADLs) determines the need for long-term care. The most needed and reviewed ADLs are:

Dressing–clothing adjustment, braces and/or attachments necessary for mounting and removal.

Eat and prepare food– the ability to cook food and to assist eating.

Home mobility– Coming out of bed, moving into bed, wheelchairs or chairs, ease of movement.

Bathroom – using a shower or bath, toilet and maintaining personal hygiene.

seniors at assisted living

There are other considerable activities including money management, medication management, light housework and the shopping of food and necessities. These tasks are needed for independence and quality of life.

When care taken at home is not enough for an elderly person anymore, when they have a higher disability level or need assistance for at least three ADLs aforementioned, a special team at our assisted living home in OKC is a great option for them to receive 24/7 care in a real home environment.

This can encompass all forms of therapy including physical, occupational, speech, food, laundry and housekeeping. The services are provided in a comfortable and home-like environment and encourage people in a supportive environment to maintain their independence.

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