What’s The Timeline for Moving to a Private Assisted Living?

Lady caregiver with an old aged man

Helping a senior who is moving to a helpful private assisted living community can feel overwhelming. There are many details to handle, from cleaning the home they are leaving to hiring a moving company. Here is a schedule describing important tips to prepare better for the move in order to make the process smoother.

Timeline 8 Weeks prior to the move:

  • Get an estimation from moving companies. Communicate with the staff at the assisted living community with your suggestion and recommendation list.

  • Get a floor plan and measurement of the new space. You can use it to determine suitable furniture and their placement in the room.

  • Create an inventory sheet to monitor all belongings including furniture.

  • Start searching for local doctors and pharmacies if your family member is moving to a new town or city.

  • Start stocking supplies for packing like boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

Six to Seven Weeks before the Move

  • Start with cleaning and decluttering unwanted items from the home.

  • Investigate non-profit organizations to collect unwanted household items from your home and to donate.

  • Hire an estate sale company if your family member needs it.

  • Finalize the moving company you want to hire and fix the moving date.

Four-to-Five Weeks:

  • Ask your friends around for real estate agent recommendations.

  • Make arrangements for canceling utility services including electric, gas, cable, and phone.

  • Pack valuable items that your family member needs at the private assisted living.

  • Start the address change process with any creditors, health insurance and other services.


Two-to-Three Weeks:

  • Follow up and confirm the date with realtor, moving company and storage facility.

  • Hire your real estate agent and meet them to plan your listing and marketing.

  • Relocate all items that won’t be needed anymore.

  • Decide on the moving date and arrival time at the community.

  • The senior should have a supply of medicines for at least ten days.

  • Plan all the meals for the moving date. Make sure to include other family members in this plan to assist you.

  • Bring your senior family member to the private assisted living community for sharing a meal to take part in activities for adjusting with the new environment.  

One Week Prior:

  • Finish packing and if possible, make the senior to stay with family and friends the night before moving.

  • Keep a separate box with all the essential items that he will immediately need after reaching the community.

  • Keep a suitcase for personal care items for the family member.

  • Ask your friends to take your senior loved one for a lunch or movie date on the moving day; it will be easier for them to avoid seeing trucks are being loaded.

Two days

Two Days Prior:

  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Clean refrigerator.

  • Check all cabinets, cupboards, closets and make sure there is nothing left behind.

  • Make sure to confirm moving arrangements and the new address with the movers.

Moving Day:

  • Strip beds and pack linens.

  • Finish the suitcase and other packing.

  • Keep all valuables in the car.

  • Remove trash from the house.

  • Turn off all appliances.

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