What You May Not Know About Assisted Living Homes

Assisted Living Home

If you have just begun exploring an assisted living community for looking after an elderly loved one, perhaps you might not be fully aware of what an assisted living community is. Let’s discuss what it is.

No Two Communities Are the Same

Be careful, the community's appearance and feel vary. Some communities are more formal or have a traditional design, and some have a homelike atmosphere. Some assisted living homes may be decorated with art deco when others are founded more firmly on modern design from the mid-century. Assisted living is available in all forms and sizes. It is possible to build up studios in the city centers, extended suburban complexes, or cozier holiday houses or communities for a small group of people. There is no national standard, but our definition says that assisted living communities are built to take care of a group as big as a large family but can have hundreds of residents.

Nursing Homes Are Different

Our assisted living home in OKC is not a nursing home. Ours are intended to help people to live independently rather than in an institution-like setting. Our residents only require a small amount of help. Patients who need 24-hour care, are not able to move like sitting on their own or getting out of bed, are not usually eligible for Assisted Living.

Residents of an assisted living community are mobile; however, they may need support for personal care or grooming like bathing or putting on clothing; any daily life activity.

Residents of assisted living are mobile, however, nursing homes are necessary for bedridden people.

Nursing home patients generally get one room or a shared room to live in.

Patients in nursing homes require fully staffed, qualified medical care every single day, when assisted living people are more stable, independent and need no ongoing healthcare.

Social Gathering and Fun Activities

Our assisted living home in OKC has activities to offer to people of different ages and capacities. Best of all, they often have various activities every day, to make sure that every resident is interested.

For example, cooking classes, music, card games, holiday parties, theme parties and other events. The activities are interesting. Please check the event calendar when visiting potential communities.

Caregiver with a senior lady

Memory Care

If it is not necessary, it may not seem important to investigate whether an assisted living community has memory care services, but it is beneficial indeed. It is good to know if a community offers this additional support.

Many assisted living houses offer dedicated memory treatment programs of Alzheimer's for residents to reduce turmoil and improve their life. In general, Alzheimer's or dementia residents in an early stage can live with other assisted residents but, if this situation declines, residents are taken to the living community memory care area. It is seen as a specialized, secure, aided life and also has trained people to look after them.

It Is Your Second Home

Assisted living residents may be living in semi-private or private apartment-like areas which are the opposite of nursing homes. There is often a private bedroom or bathroom or kitchen which gives the elderly a sense of home in the living arrangements. The assisted living areas are also open to large living areas and back yards where the residents can roam freely.

If you need a home with all the facilities and a real home feeling with utmost security, come to Redhaven Care Homes. Our assisted living home in OKC always welcome you.