Weight Management – How Does Assisted Living Take Care Of It?

Weight Management

Who does not know the impacts on our health being obese or overweight has? The easiest way to determine whether you weigh the right amount or not is to check your Body Mass Index. Maintaining a healthy weight always is not only important for looking good but also helps to keep several diseases away. Weight maintenance becomes even more relevant with aging, as we become incapable of performing physical activities and exercises making life even more challenging.

Why Is It Important?

According to assisted living in OKC, who are constantly assisting seniors, there are few reasons to why it is so important to keep an eye on the weight charts. These include:

  • Obesity is a major reason for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

  • Being immobile due to weight gain can increase risks of joint pain, arthritis etc.

  • People may lose their independence of walking being overweight.

  • It can cause respiratory disease or similar ailments.

  • Being underweight also has risk factors like weak joints or immunity problems.

Why Is It So Difficult For Seniors?

For obvious reasons, seniors cannot put in much physical effort like younger people. The muscles, bones and other body parts become too weak to withstand such pressure. A brisk walk or minimum physical activities are allowed for them to maintain mobility. Hormonal changes are also a reason for not being able to lose or gain weight. Apart from that, chronic illness, declining mental stability or appetite are all reasons why they cannot lose weight.

healthy weight

How To Maintain A Healthy Weight?

In assisted living in OKC, there are doctors, physicians and dieticians who always look after seniors’ weight and change their diet accordingly. If they start to put on or lose weight, they make changes to their daily intake in a safe and healthy manner using science. Making changes to daily food habits to gain weight does not mean to have anything and everything including junk foods or increasing quantity. On the other hand, losing weight does not mean cutting down food abruptly. Without having the right knowledge, they can start lacking in nutrients which will only make muscle aging faster.

The most effective way is to have lots of green vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, colorful fruits etc. But again, the intake completely depends on the person’s immunity, health conditions etc. If a senior lives in an assisted living home, he/she does not need to make frequent appointments to a doctor as everything is provided there.

You may not be able to convince your senior adults on their weight management, but when they will see everyone conscious about it and working on it and they will become motivated. If you are in search of such an assisted living home in OKC where the weight management program gets enough attention, you can contact Redhaven Care Homes.