Top 8 Nutritious But Tasty Meals For Seniors

nutritious meal

We all need proper nutrition to live a healthy life. And to consume that adequate nutrition we plan our diet. A diet is supposed to vary from person to person, depending on the age and physical condition. It is different from just prohibiting processed or fast foods from everyone, still, a basic healthy diet also differs for individuals or a group of people.

The diet for older people is different from that of children and middle aged adults. This diet is filtered again if the elders have diabetes, obesity or any other diseases that insist restriction on food. The assisted living homes in OKC learn this medical history of each individual and plan their diet according to expert recommendations.

Here are some convenient meals that can be offered to older people easily.

  • Apple Baked French Toast with Cinnamon: This meal can be offered as breakfast, brunch and dinner. This can be made and kept frozen for several days. The combination of organic eggs, apples, flaxseed, almond milk and pumpkin puree makes the dish quite good for soluble fiber and protein.

  • Oatmeal Cups: This is made of oatmeal and fruits. To add more flavors to it, chocolate chips can be added to it. This is ideal for breakfast. It can be stored in a freezer and can be served to a large group.

  • Vegetable Soup: Vegetables are always rich in fibers and that is why they are good for health. A bowl of soup with fresh boiled or blanched vegetables with the addition of salt and pepper can be filling, tasty and yet healthy for any meal of the day.

vegitable soup
  • Mixed Hand Pie: The combination of whole grains, vegetables and chicken make this pie delicious to be served to anyone.

  • Turkey Tetrazzini: This is a freeze-and-serve meal that includes quinoa pasta and toned milk. The pasta can be replaced with whole grain pasta as well. It can be stored in the freezer for up to two months.

  • Egg Muffins: Egg cups spiced up with kale, roasted red pepper and feta cheese can be eaten at any meal of the day. This delicious source of protein is healthy too. Many assisted living homes in OKC make this for the seniors that live there.

  • Chicken Fajitas: If any senior is allergic to gluten, dairy products and egg, this meal is best for him or her. This meal is made in a slow-cooker and is easy to make. It is appropriate for an afternoon snack.

There are many more meals that caregivers of the assisted living home in OKC come up to surprise the seniors. They are enough to satisfy their taste buds, without doing any harm to their bodies. Come to Redhaven Care Homes and find more unique facilities for seniors there.