Tips for Touring Private Assisted Living

private assisted living

Do not be overwhelmed by all of the choices of private assisted living across the city, choosing the right one is not an easy task. Perhaps they mention all the facilities and services on a billboard but that is not all there is to it. Take those only as advertisements and investigate on your own before you decide. You do not want your elderly family members in an uncomfortable place where the required facilities are available only on paper. We are not discouraging you from taking this step, but giving a handful of tips to follow which can help you make your decision.

Here you go…

  • First of all, when stepping into the assisted living home, check how clean it is. Follow your nose for an odd smell. Observe corners of walls, furniture etc. The state of those will clearly show the quality of the housekeeping services. If you observe something you do not like, do not feel ashamed to ask about it.

  • It is better to make a surprise visit during an activity. You can ask other boarders or residents about activities and participation. Try to find out if they plan such activities around the residents’ interests.

  • What about the personal care? How frequently they are given personal care regarding grooming. Observe other residents there. Are they properly groomed with their nails and hair tidy?

private assisted living
  • Ask other residents and their family members if they are happy? Try to ask about their experiences, grievance, and happiness.

  • If you feel comfortable, you can talk to the caregivers. As they are the backbone of any private assisted living, it should be an essential part of your investigation. Try to understand how the caregivers communicate with the residents. Do they always smile?

  • Ask about the longevity of the staff. It will help you to understand the complete scenario better. The way private assisted living management treats their staff, reflects on the life of the residents.

  • You could also talk to the other residents. This will surely help you to get the best picture.

  • Get detailed information about medical emergencies, how many ambulances they have, check emergency fire exits, fire extinguisher, plumbing system, local transport, nearby market and everything else you feel relevant.

You can contact RedHaven Care Homes for a tour of their private assisted living facilities. If you want to be sure your seniors are in the best place possible for your peace of mind, then this is the place for them.