Tips to Make Seniors Aware of Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment

The Medicare open enrollment period is between October 15th to December 7th every year. In this span, Medicare recipients are subject to change their existing coverage if they desire. If your older adult is receiving such coverage, they will receive lots of information on several plans incorporating a long list of benefits. This process can be extremely overwhelming for older adults. And if they have not gone through this process before, you should help them learn about Medicare open enrollment.

You can take help from assisted living in OKC, to perform the task. Here is guidance from the experts.

Reviewing the Present Plan of Older Adults

According to the National Council on Aging or NCOA, older adults should follow the rule of four C’s when reviewing the effectiveness of their current plan. The four C’s include coverage area, cost, convenience and customer service. You and your senior family members should evaluate how comfortable you are with all of these. The answer will decide whether you need a change or stick to the present one.

The older adults can make a change to their health plan by confirming physicians, pharmacies and hospitals. You can consult with the assisted living in OKC professionals to decide best as they know the medical conditions of the adults better.


Other Plans

If you do not explore the other plans, you will not be able to decide whether to switch or not. Senior people prefer to settle in one plan, but you should convince them to research the other plans to pick the most beneficial for them. The Medicare plan finder tool is also available to compare plans. If mature adults are not willing to use the tool, they can directly contact Redhaven Care Homes, a reputable assisted living home in OKC for the information on Medicare.

The Ultimate Decision

No matter whether you are going to change the plan or renew the current one, you should know the enrollment period where you can make changes. You can take time to explore and evaluate the options so that you have the most beneficial one.

Many caregivers have enough knowledge on Medicare plans and you or the seniors can ask them about it. Redhaven Care Homes provide with the best caregivers and assisted living in OKC for taking care of seniors and have adequate knowledge to help them out.