Tips for Selecting Your Home Care Aides


The selection of a home care aide carries lots of value in our life, as the matter is concerned with the welfare of our loved ones. Therefore, you should be choosy. Apart from Oklahoma-based agencies and their service plans, care must be taken to select the aide.

The Tips

Here are some tips that will make your selection process much easier and fail-proof:

1. Service types: There is a huge difference between personal and professional caregiving. One is not better than the other; rather, there should be a healthy balance between the two. While some caregivers visit your home and provide medical services, wrapping up the entire procedure within few minutes, others differ in their approach. They spend quality hours with the seniors, giving them company, which is a valuable gift for them. A professional relationship might turn into a friendly relationship that lasts for years.

2. Qualification: Given the sensitivity of medical care service, one should notice if the agency is appropriately certified. We hear now and then about cases of severe harm to mind and body because the wrong medicines were administered to the patient, many times leading to death. Certificates offered by Medicare to eligible agencies require medical aides to have their licenses validated by the respective authority.

3. Quality company: There is a huge difference between the service role of a professional and a personal caregiver. The job of a personal caregiver includes offering assistance in bathing, dressing, preparation of meals and feeding. Apart from this, one might need help with cleaning, shopping and general entertainment as well. The faster the caregiver understands the character of the senior, the better. As not all are adept at such special services, we cannot expect perfect quality from them all.

4. Be judicious: The hardest yet simplest thing is to evaluate the nature of a personal relationship between the caregiver and the senior. If you do not pay minute attention to the nature of the interaction, then it might be difficult to ascertain the reality. If you do, things become easy. You may ask questions like, “How did you find him/her?” to the senior member after the caregiver leaves.

5. Verify the track record: It is crucial that the views of the previous employer be requested before one appoints a caregiver. Also, many states (like Oklahoma) keep a tab on any criminal records of the caregiver. Professional agencies keep these records with them, and they provide the information whenever asked for.

6. Quality supervisors: Reputed caregiving agencies send in trained supervisors who oversee quality personal and professional relationships between the aide and the senior client. These kinds of verification operations are mandatory for the quality upkeep of your loved one.

Select a care aide from a home senior care agency in Oklahoma that has the requisite qualifications for providing the best services. One should not take chances in this matter.