This Winter Prepare Your Car for the Senior People

Senior Man

Winter, the season of festivals bring merriment to everyone’s life. People arrange for parties, decorate their homes beautifully, go on a trip – this is the time to spend with your family and friends. The senior people who live in the assisted living homes in OKC or other places also deserve to be a part of this festive season. The reputed homes make all possible arrangement to make their Christmas cheerful.

Sometimes, the weather plays a crucial role in barring the arrangements. The ice, snow and frigid temperature not only makes the weather vulnerable to the older adults but also becomes hard on the vehicles they use.

Therefore, we at our assisted living home in OKC always take precautions before we move the seniors in a vehicle. Here is a checklist that you can follow for taking the older people at your home in an outing.

  • The brake and the exhaust system is very important for taking your car on a road in the wintry weather. It is utterly frustrating to be stuck in the midway because of the brakes. Also, you can’t breathe if you keep the windows of your car opened, so make sure you have a well-maintained exhaust system in the car. Call the professionals to check for brakes and carbon monoxide leaks.

  • The heater of the car is imperative to be in the best condition. Moreover, the defroster, headlights and taillights can put you in trouble in this season if not maintained well.

Checking car Tyre

  • The tires need a check as well. It is indeed an awful task to get down at the middle of the road and change the tire. Hence, before you start the journey, make sure you inspect the tires’ pressure well with professionals so that you can stay away from trouble.

  • Whatever might be required should be stored in the car. It can be the coolant, wiper fluid and others. The professionals can give you a better idea.

  • Keep an ice scraper with you. It is possible that your car accumulates enough ice on it and to move further, you may need to scrape it off. A handy scraper will be a good option.

  • Winter safety kit should be there in the car. It includes blankets, matches, candles, protein bars, flares, a phone charger and many others.

  • Keep your gas tank full to keep your car warm.

  • Decide the trip knowing the weather forecast report.

  • Medication cupboard, pantry and refrigerator should be there.

You can trust with all these things with an assisted living home in OKC. Come to us at Redhaven Care Homes and gift your older adults the safest Christmas ever.