Stress and the Elderly

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Your brain sends out signals to tighten your muscles and to release stress hormones if you feel in danger. Stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, cause your breath to recoil, increase blood pressure and sharpen your senses. These modifications in physiology speed up your reaction time, increase strength, improve endurance and improve focus.

This reaction is called the stress reaction and is totally normal and essential for survival. Once you accept that you are not at risk, your body becomes normal. On the other side, chronic stress damages your health and can be dangerous to the elderly. This is what you need to understand in older adults about stress, we know it at our senior care home in Oklahoma.

Stress Effects

While the extent to which chronic stress impacts the health of older adults is hard to determine, a correlation is certainly found. Here are the few ways that elderly people are impacted.

Low Immunity

You probably encountered a moment of stress and sickness in your lives. It was not until you placed all you were stressed on in order to be able to recover that your condition became stressful. What you may not realize is that “being stressed” is likely the reason you got sick. Stress suppresses the immune system and makes you disease prone.

Furthermore, older adults are already more susceptible to illness due to the age-related suppression of their immune system. In combination, this facilitates sickness for the elderly and lengthens the recovery process. Stress therefore makes it much harder to identify and combat diseases of older adults.

Heart Problems

Adrenaline, which increases your blood pressure and heart rate, can flood your body with stress. However, the connection between stress and heart illness goes much further than quantifiable variables. Stress can lead the elderly to seek help in operations like over-drinking, excessive food and drug use. These can harm the arteries, blood vessels and boost the risk of heart disease for each one.

Vision and Hearing Issues

Long-term production of adrenaline may restrict blood vessels, resulting in a temporary reduction of your hearing and sight. At our senior home care in Oklahoma we make sure residents have good vision and hearing loss.

Digestive Issues

Stress can make your belly literally sick. This disease happens when the "fight" reaction in your central nervous system is activated by stress. The central nervous system can shut down the blood flow and reduce the secretions required for digestion, causing contractions in your digestive muscles. Chronic or severe stress can lead to severe digestive issues such as bowel and ulcer syndrome.

Dental Problem

Dental problems are prevalent in aging, making older adults more vulnerable to fractures and cavities. Stress can help with these dental issues by stressing the jaw throughout the day and grinding the teeth unintentionally.

stressed elder woman

Source Stress

Common stress sources include-

  • Lifestyle change and financial status after retirement

  • Sick spouse

  • Grand children

  • Death of relatives or close people

  • Lack of physical ability

  • Incapability to live independently

Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress

1. Physiological:

  • Insomnia

  • Appetite loss

  • Frequent urination

  • Muscle pain

  • Tiredness

2. Emotional and psychological:

  • Anxiety, fear, depression

  • Lack of concentration, forgetfulness

Stress Management:

The elderly can share with those they can trust (e.g., relatives and friends) their problems and emotions in confronting stress and their manner of coping. This enables to ventilate feelings and to learn about various stress management approaches.

An active social life, a good lifestyle and rest workouts are good ways to cope with stress.

Engaging in volunteer job is a way to assist the poor. It also enables to increase your trust and your perspective in life. It enables.

Positive thinking, such as recognizing our accomplishments and strengths, can contribute to improved self-confidence and stress management.

In case of need, elders are able to seek assistance from experts. Smoking, beverage and drug abuse are dangerous and should never be used to manage stress.

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