Stay Hydrated at Old Age

senior man drinking water

Dehydration is caused if the body is losing too much fluid either because of disease, exposure to elevated temperatures, and the use of diuretic drugs. There are several dehydration-related symptoms, from dizziness to confusion and death. Some people can get physical and cognitive impairment if they lose just under two to three percent of the body fluid. If these are not taken care of for the seniors in an assisted living in OKC or at home, that could lead to more severe problems.

Dehydration, including low blood pressure, weakness, an increase in heart rate, excess sleepiness, seizures, and even death, can have some implications that many people are not aware of.


Older adults have a lower supply of liquid and a weakened feeling of thirst. They also overheat more readily, which can lead to severe implications for dehydration. If you suspect the dehydration of an older person, get them cool and shady somewhere, and let them drink water. Also helpful are cold compresses, cool showers, and baths.

Signs of Warning

  • Sunken eyes

  • Confusion

  • Walking issues

  • Dizziness or headache

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Inability to sweat or produce tears

  • Low blood pressure

The National Ageing Institute proposes that older adults make drinking water a part of their routine. The organization proposes to drink a full glass of water before you leave or take a pill every time. During the heating waves, use the air conditioning at home, a senior center or a public library to spend as long as possible.

Daily Water Intake

The daily consumption of water will usually rely on several variables, such as age, gender, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Likewise, when you are warm, active, or have a fever, your body requires more water. In particular, 15.5 cups for males and 11.5 cups for females are suitable for daily consumption according to the Mayo Clinic. One objective you should likely set to drink eight glasses of water every day and must be followed in each assisted living in OKC.

In general, however, the water intake must be taken, and priority given to all ages. If you do not often feel thirsty, your fluid intake is likely sufficient.

It should be observed that too much water can be drunk, which can lead to issues if you have renal problems.

Up Your Water Intake

For some, your daily water intake can be challenging to remember, particularly for individual senior citizens. However, this is not a good excuse because of the many advantages that water provides. You can begin to drink more water in many simple ways. Some of the following tips include:

  • Carry a water bottle

  • Select water over beverages that contain sugar. You will not only benefit from drinking water but also weight management advantages.

  • Adding flavors like a wedge, a lime or a lemon can enhance your flavor and bring you to drink more water than you usually do.

When your parents are staying at Redhaven Care Homes, assisted living in OKC, we assure to help them with adequate water intake.