Factors to Help Decide on an Assisted Living Home at First Sight

A caregiver and senior woman at assisted living home

An assisted living home is an excellent option for older adults. Even if they are not late in life, it may be time to seek aid for cognitive activities, as in their older age, support and care is needed. Taking care of their medicines, diets, physical activities, socialization etc. are all part of assisted living professionals’ job. And these are all imperative for seniors to live a healthy life.

The decision of getting an apartment in an assisted living home should be made after discussing with the senior if he or she is mentally and physically capable to be on their own anymore. The process should be gradual and slow. You should not force anything on the seniors that could deteriorate their mental condition. Many assisted living homes in OKC recommend a tour of the facility before the person starts living there full-time. The big question is, should the person in need of assistance attend the first tour or not. The answer; it depends on several factors. Here are some of those factors.

  • You can include the seniors in the first tour only if they are ready to move forward. If they are interested in getting involved, and welcome the decision to tour different communities, interact with new people and get a better life that is healthy and fit. On the other hand, if they are not on board with the transition, it is better to visit the facility alone. You can take a tour of the assisted living homes in OKC and decide if the environment and community is the right fit for the senior.

A happy old aged man

  • Be sure that the senior is capable of making their own decisions. With age, brain function starts deteriorating. This makes them incapable of making decisions or responding to the situations in the right way. In addition to this, if the senior is suffering from dementia, decision making can be difficult for them.

  • Often seniors mix up the idea of nursing homes and an assisted living home. This makes them reluctant to move to assisted living homes, as they picture old-fashioned nursing homes. In this case, you should take them to the assisted living homes in OKC. The new designs, arrangements and facilities they provide will enchant the seniors’ mind for sure.

You should take in all the details of the assisted living homes in OKC. Go through the feedback of from the residents, talk to staff, doctors and caregivers and ensure everything is perfect for your senior family member to live peacefully. Rather than visiting lots of places, it is better to come directly to Redhaven Care Homes and get the care for your senior.