Sitting Idle? Cheer Up And Engage With A Few Activities

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Seniorhood is something everyone experiences in life. This is an obvious aging process and we cannot deny the fact that it limits our mobility. Bones and muscles do not stay proactive and capable like before and they start to decay. On top of this, energy levels start to drop and staying active all of the time becomes more difficult.

Moreover, seniors tend to become completely inactive as they think they are not capable to do anything and this is the time to be ‘laid back.’ This is the completely wrong idea. As per physicians and doctors, the more you are active at any stage of your life, the more lively and healthy you will be. That does not mean you will be involved in a physically stressful job, but brisk walking, yoga and exercise designed for aged people is all extremely helpful.

Activities do not always mean exercising, this is something you can discuss with your physician. Going to amusement parks, shopping, meeting old friends – these all are considered activities. You can even grow own hobby. Assisted living in OKC mentions the following four activities on which residents are interested and take part.

Attending a Pottery Class

Have you ever thought that the pottery items you bought from the market to decorate your living area are easy to make? No, right? Pottery classes amaze seniors and they can explore and be creative in this class. There is a wide variety of things to make and they can color it and gift the handmade items to anyone they wish. This practice demands mindfulness and improves focus. It is a good exercise to strengthen hands, wrists, arms and is beneficial for arthritis patients also.

assisted living okc

Going to a Fair or Beach

Spending time on the beach is something almost everyone loves. Use the boardwalk for your morning walk routine. For special occasions, you could also visit a fair. Go and enjoy. A fair is always full of life and you can find yourself a lost charm! Have some ice cream, take part in a ‘spin the wheel’ game or ‘aim the point and win a teddy’. A fair always has the charm that transcends time and makes you feel good and nostalgic.

Pamper Yourself

You have devoted your young days to your family, children and profession. Have you ever had time for yourself? if you nodded at this, it is not too late to do something about it. You still have time to do something for yourself. Be it going to a beauty salon, a library or anything else - do what you have always loved on the inside and what you have always wanted to do. Try a paraffin wax treatment for sore muscles, manicure and pedicure for chipped nails or buy yourself a pet. Buy yourself essential oils. It soothes mind, calms and composes, improves sleep, relaxes muscles etc. Go to the shops nearby your assisted living in OKC and purchase something just for you. 

If you think all these are possible only if you live at home, you are completely wrong. Assisted living in OKC does not deprive their residents of these services. Need proof? Come to Redhaven Care Homes to witness it.