Resort Is Another Term for Our Assisted Living Home

Redhaven Assisted Living

Thinking about retiring to a resort community? Your opportunity is here! In Redhaven Care Homes, we aim at increasing your quality of living. Therefore, we are committed to only offering you the best amenities, cutting-edge facilities, and private living areas. Our activity groups are designed to help seniors to enjoy the best of life. Whether it's a relaxation day in the lounge or a day in a game room.

Living Space

You can choose between Hawthorne and Magnolia thanks to our flexible living options. Every home is updated, having new equipment and appliances for easy living.

Have we mentioned that your rate covers housekeeping? A housekeeper cleans your home frequently so you can enjoy  your time in social activities or just relax.

Healthy Meals

We even have licensed dietitians to ensure your meals are prepared following your dietary needs. Here you will get a healthy, well-balanced menu of fresh local ingredients.

Dining Area

Dining Area

Forget standing over a hot oven and washing the dishes; cooks at our dining area serve home-style food. The menu served at our home-based assisted living is for health-conscious people but with traditional flavors. Residents will also get snacks here.

Green Surroundings

Redhaven Care Homes lies among lush greenery in one of Oklahoma City's quieter areas. We maintain bamboo and other trees as well as bird homes in our home-based assisted living.

Be Social

It is called a living community! Our residences are offered plenty of community space for socializing, staying active and spending time with your friends and family. Some have hair salons to get your chit-chat on!

Redhaven Assisted Living

Live Fullest

Moving is always a major leap at every age. Thankfully, our home-based assisted living areas are meant to feel like home so that you can experience the complete comfort and privacy. Our homes have spacious designs and bay windows with natural lighting so moving into your new home is a liberating experience.

Come to Redhaven Care Homes at Oklahoma City. Call today to book a time to look at our home-based assisted living.