Questions to Ask on Emergency Policy of the Assisted living in OKC

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It is imperative to have safety measures for the seniors in an assisted home. Medical emergencies are not predictable for anyone, but for seniors, the chances of a medical emergency increases. 

Assisted living homes are there for seniors with severe illness, limited mobility and cognitive impairments like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, it is important to know that the assisted living in OKC you are using for your seniors is well prepared to handle emergency situations. Besides this you need to ensure there wouldn’t be any medical negligence that can cause severe problems future problems.

Before taking your senior to any assisted living in OKC, you should be enough confident about the facilities and emergency preparations. There are four emergency areas on which you should ask them about. If you get satisfactory answers, know this is the right place for your family member.

emergency planning

Emergency Plans

  1. Know the emergency plans in detail.

  2. The training procedure and how the staff are updated.

  3. What diet chart they follow for each person having different restrictions or needs.

  4. The backup plans for an emergency if the concerned person is not available.

Power Outrage

  1. Availability of a generator and backup plans if that fails.

  2. Location of the generator and make sure if those locations are safe and away from residents.

  3. What the food storage capacity is for emergency purposes. According to the Federal emergency recommendation, there should be food kept for emergencies for at least three days.

  4. If the assisted living in OKC provides sufficient water for one week per person. The Federal emergency recommendation is keeping water at least for one week for every person.

  5. The backup plan for emergencies of natural disasters.

Fire and Flood

  1. Know the plan they have for a fire and flood. It is important to know how they move your loved one to a safe place in such emergencies.

  2. If there is any near by residency where they can move for the time being.

are you covered

Theft and Burglary

The above three situations are emergencies, but apart from those, there are critical situations as well. When you are taking your family members to assisted living, you will obviously expect complete protection for them, regardless of the situation. In the reputable assisted living homes in OKC, the seniors are given full protection from all possible threats and this includes theft and burglaries as well. Someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s might not know if theft occurs or be able to report it properly. Before opting for their service, you should know:

  1. If there is any insurance in their package to cover a theft protection.

  2. If there is any financial compensation for the stolen items.

  3. If there is a proper security system at the community gate.

  4. If the service available is 24/7 or not or if someone verifies who enters the residency and exits.

You can rely on Redhaven Assisted Living Homes for providing complete safety and security for your loved one.