Memory Care and Assisted Living in OKC

assisted living team

Memory loss is a sign of declination of the brain, which can happen due to an accident, medication, blood clots or any functional disorder. But with the growing age, it can come naturally. People suffering from memory loss might fail to stay organized, remember little things or incidents, take medicines, or shower regularly. Do not be impatient with your senior loved ones if these symptoms are recognized. They are not doing these things intentionally; rather, they could be affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Assisted living in OKC provides a good care for seniors who suffer from memory loss problems.

You may see many advertisements for memory care on the streets of Oklahoma City, but how do you select the right one? How can you be sure about the place and know that it will take good care of your loved one? An advertisement is not enough. You need to screen the facilities offering assisted living in OKC that you are considering for your parent or grandparent. But how? Now this is a tricky question. It is difficult to evaluate an assisted living facility, but not impossible. We will help you select the best memory caregiver for your elderly loved ones.


How do they value the safety and security of the home? There are possibilities that the patients may go outside and become lost if not supervised, and they may need around-the-clock assistance. If you are suspicious about the security, remove that facility from your list.


The Space

Check the rooms; they should be spacious, full of natural light and airy. Small, dark rooms in a shabby environment are not beneficial for people suffering from memory issues.

The Team

This is the most crucial part of assisted living. The team needs to be compassionate, careful and well trained. People with acute memory loss can behave differently at different times, and could the people assisting them need to be delicate. Make sure there are enough team members to stay with the residents all the time so they are never left alone.

Survey Others

You can ask other family members whether they are satisfied with the service or not. You will get to know about the hidden charges, food provided, medical services, etc.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs

Seniors do not only need timely meals and a feather pillow. Assisted living should look different for people with memory loss. They should be engaged in activities that improve memory and meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


Take the transportation system under serious consideration. If your loved one wants to visit a park, theater or anywhere else, the transportation should be provided by the assisted living facility.

If you need an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one, you can contact Redhaven Care Homes in Oklahoma City. Aside from the important aspects listed above, this assisted living in OKC also offers additional services and is reasonably priced.