Life Hacks for Adapting to Home Senior Care

home senior care in Oklahoma

If there is any place we can consider safe and sound, it is our home. We can blindly roam inside our home safely, but as we get older, the risk of accidents increases as our stability gradually declines. Staying at home often seems difficult at this stage, and that is why there are life hacks. The phrase “life hack” refers to strategies that are adapted to make things easier and enhance productivity. If you are a resident of home senior care in Oklahoma, you may already be using some of these hacks. In case you are unaware of them or are new to home senior care, here are some of the top life hacks:

  • Struggling with the keys is a common problem that we all deal with. To make it easier, you can place a dot on each key using nail polish or permanent marker. Use different colors for different doors or cupboards.
  • Standing in the washroom for a long time while washing your face or brushing your teeth can be hard for your knees. Cooking meals while standing for a long time in the kitchen has similar effects. You can arrange a chair with armrests wherever you need it.
tripping hazards
  • To remove tripping hazards, you can avoid keeping rugs on the floor. However, if you like the aesthetics or comfort that rugs provide and do not wish to remove them from your home, you can attach them to the floor with adhesive tape. Just make sure to choose tape that won’t damage the floor.
  • If you have difficulty opening a jar, you can wear a pair of rubber gloves to make it easier.
  • Set reminders or calendar entries in your phone about medicines, paying bills, etc.
  • Ask your pharmacists not to use any childproof caps for your medicines if you have trembling hands and often have problems opening such containers.
photocopy of your prescription
  • Always carry a photocopy of your prescription, as you may need to buy medicines in an emergency in case you forgot to carry them with you. You can also take a clear photo of it.
  • Attach keyrings or zipper pulls to zippers to make them easier to grasp.
  • Use the clasps on an old skirt or pants hanger as a recipe holder. Use them in the kitchen to hang a recipe book.
  • To make your way safer, always try to carry a flashlight. It will come in handy when you stay in an unfamiliar place.
  • If bending is an issue for you due to back or joint pain, hang a shoe rack over the kitchen or utility door to store cleaning supplies in.
personal bell or alarm
  • Arrange a personal bell or alarm so that you can call a specific family member or caregiver if you sick or have an accident.
  • Mark the side of your water bottle with hours to remind yourself to drink water regularly and stay hydrated.
  • Attach items like remote controls or reading glasses using Velcro so that they are always in the same place and easy to find.
  • Make a list before going to the grocery store or supermarket. This will keep you from buying unnecessary items and help you stick to a budget by only buying necessary items.
  • If chopping is difficult for you, buy prepared or semi-prepared food items. These include minced garlic, chopped onions and frozen foods or vegetables.
  • Set auto payments for bills so you do not have to write a check or rush to the bank anymore.

Trouble with memory, reduced mobility and health are the primary reasons people opt for home senior care. Redhaven Care Homes, which offers home senior care in Oklahoma, makes sure residents are always safe and sound. Follow these hacks in your own home to stay secure.