Laughter Yoga and All About It

Laughter Yoga

This is now a new term. We all know about yoga, but what laughter yoga. This is a new exercise form akin to internal exercise; the best part is it promotes and uses laughter as a form of physical exercise. This yoga involves eye contact, jokes, and playfulness among the participants. It is always practiced in groups.

Laughter is more contagious than bacteria, and we obviously do not need to explain why it is important for us. Let us tell you a little anyway. It has been found that laughter involves muscles which help to reduce wrinkles. What more could you ask for to help get over stress? There are multiple benefits to laughter yoga which make it an integral part of assisted living homes in OKC.

How to Practice

The classes of this yoga typically start with normal conversation and participants talking about laughter. Next, all of them are asked to stretch and practice a few breathing exercises. The laughter yoga session ends with silent meditation.

During this session, participants should laugh and it is encouraged to come from the diaphragm. Laughter with full belly involvement gives the most benefits. The basic four steps used are:

  • Clapping and chanting

  • Breathing

  • Playfulness

  • Laughter yoga exercises



Laughing for a period gives the body immense benefits, therefore, in these classes participants have the opportunity to laugh for 15-20 minutes at a time. This increases the oxygen supply in blood, improves blood circulation and oxygen intake and helps with breathing problems. It has been seen that senior citizens with high blood pressure who live in an assisted living home in OKC have lowered their blood pressure after each session.

This exercise can be compared to low-intensity cardiovascular exercises for senior people. Laughter undoubtedly is a good stress buster, relieves tension and the list of benefits is never ending.

What Happens?

There are benefits of this yoga for body from several aspects.

Body: It makes a person feel relaxed, happy, releases stress and pain.

Mind: It makes the mind healthier and active.

Emotions: You will be more grounded.

Social: It will make you more connected socially.

In Redhaven Care Homes, we complete laughter yoga therapy with our residents. It makes them active and spiritually grounded. For the best assisted living home in OKC, you have to come to us to witness a big change in your life.