Know the Right Time to Get Home Senior Care for Your Loved Ones

home senior care in Oklahoma

It’s really difficult to decide the appropriate time to find an assisted care home for your senior family members. There are many misconceptions about senior care homes. They provide the right assistance for seniors to stay healthy, safe and sound when they are unable to live on their own. It is very possible that your busy schedule, distant living and career make you incapable of assisting your parents or elderly loved ones all the time. The professionals of home senior care in Oklahoma provide elders with the support and care that they need at that age.

But when should you find an assisted living home for your elderly family members? Here are some signs that may indicate the right time.

Physical Symptoms

It is possible that before old age, a senior person had become physically dependent due to trauma, an accident or a disease. In this case, they need proper medication, meals and adequate exercise.

  • If you notice that your elders are going through a very slow recovery, there could be something wrong. Failure to take medicine on time can be a reason.
  • Consider home senior care in Oklahoma if your loved ones are showing deteriorating health. Patients with dementia, heart problems, COPD, etc. need to stay under surveillance to avoid any mishaps.
  • If they have difficulties performing daily activities, they may no longer be capable of living without assistance.
  • Abrupt weight loss or gain may indicate a physical or mental illness.
  • Seniors cannot maintain personal hygiene when they are weak and will not be able to do their laundry. Due to difficulties while sitting, rising from a chair and walking, they may fail to care for themselves properly.
mental symptoms

Mental Symptoms

  • Seniors with depression need special care.
  • Other prominent symptoms are forgetfulness and dementia.
  • Abrupt mood swings are a common symptom among people who need assisted living.

Financial and Social Indications

  • Due to mental disabilities, maintaining finances can be troublesome for seniors. In that case, you may find lots of unpaid bills, unusual expenses and even theft. Home senior care in Oklahoma can help them manage everything perfectly.
  • If you think that your senior loved ones are depressed and lonely, you can consider home senior care. With help, they can overcome depression, enjoy social activities and live a happy life with other seniors like them. This social involvement will definitely help improve mental health.


You need to find a reliable organization, as your loved one will stay there for better living. You can trust Redhaven Care Homes for our impeccable service in assisting seniors with respect and dignity.