It Is High Time You Make Your Aging Loved Ones Feel Honored!

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In today’s society, we often forget or neglect our elders. Pushing them aside instead of treating them with the dignity and honor that they deserve is the worst thing you can do to them after all the contributions they’ve made to their family and society. However, assisted living communities are developing techniques to make the elderly feel more at home even when they are away.

Technology has certainly evolved for good, but it has also brought a major disruption to the personal touch that was there in the good old days. Hectic family and work schedules have made people more dependent on cyberspace communications, which in turn has led them to overlook the love and appreciation that elders deserve. After all, what else can they expect after a long life of caring and nurturing?

Just because your father is experiencing memory and hearing issues, this doesn’t indicate a lack of wisdom. There is a lot to take in from elders that can assist you in the path of life. Remember, all it takes is a little time, effort and kindness.

Here are some basic methods of honoring elders:

Listen to family stories.

Elders have stories of family traditions and heritage that can not only potentially act as glue between generations but also be quite informative. Many storytelling activities are conducted by assisted living communities, which help the  community feel a sense of belonging. Reconnecting with the elderly by visiting over holidays and discussing family stories of the past can really help.

Bridge physical distance with a phone call.

If you live too far from your elderly loved ones to visit them very often, remember that a regular phone call can also mean a lot to them. At least they will know that they are remembered and cared for despite the geographical distance.

Share a meal together.

Among all social customs, eating together is a major one. Alongside giving the body the nutrition it requires, a mealtime is a personal space that many yearn for, especially aging loved ones. It helps them to have a hearty meal in its truest sense, where they can share all that you have missed while you were away. Having a fun conversation over food can bring them tremendous joy.

Acknowledge their life experiences and ask for advice.

Recognizing the age of your elderly loved ones and ignoring their wisdom is just a shame, and it also makes them feel little. With their years of life experience, they become the wisest of the community and can contribute much to both society and their children. So, spend quality time with them by seeking their advice.

Hear them out and demonstrate respect.

Listening is a huge part of productive communication and also a gesture of honoring the other person’s opinions. Listening is an attribute that we forget to exercise and teach. Listen intently and make elders feel that you care and respect what they say. Break their loneliness and isolation. After all, many suffer from it at this age. Spending time with them can help them age healthily with a sense of purpose.

Sometimes telling elders how much you care for them can surpass all other gestures of showing respect. Complementing them can come across as a positive message to them. Even you will find peace from bringing a smile to their face when you tell them how their advice has impacted your life.

Visit or volunteer at an assisted living community.

In a world of technological advancement and the hustle-bustle of life, people often forget to communicate their care for seniors. Visiting assisted living communities can help in this field. Social interaction is highly valued by the elders living there. Make them feel more at home by volunteering for these communities on occasions of festive celebrations and even otherwise.