How to Maintain a Healthy Life for Seniors in Assisted Living

seniors in assisted living

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease leads to more than half a million life each year, making it the major cause of death in the country. The excellent news is that today fewer elderly are dying from the disease. The CDC reports that in the last decade, the percentage of seniors hospitalized due to heart disease has declined by nearly 50%, indicating that dividends are being paid for by nationwide initiatives in education and prevention. According to an AARP study, the percentage of elderly in aided living groups has increased dramatically over the same period, more than doubling.

There seems to be a correlation between growing use of assisted living groups and enhanced heart health for seniors, which is not surprising as senior living suppliers know their position in the life of seniors and take accountability seriously. Assisted living groups in OKC often provide their inhabitants with frequent fitness possibilities and good meals to enhance heart health, even controlling smoking policies.

The encouragement, structure and support of senior living groups can assist seniors conform to heart-healthy living rules that they may not have been able to conform to separately, such as:

Fitness and relaxation in the community

Assisted living communities in OKC coordinate meal scheduling with practice, which is a significant element of a heart-healthy lifestyle. With feedback from private trainers on-staff, together with their meal program, we can assist a resident couple with a fitness program.

The quantity of practice one receives is directly associated with their probability of developing heart disease. The American Heart Association claims that there is a direct relationship between inactivity and cardiac mortality.

A key objective of assisted living groups is to assist maintain their inhabitants active. They provide both the encouragement and equipment elderly need to maintain fit and practice programs often range from dancing and Tai Chi to water aerobics.

Heart-healthy nutrition in an aided life

An adequate diet is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and assisted living communities provide just about all the food that seniors consume, they must be careful to create dining delicious and healthy for their inhabitants. Nutrition is very important for a better sleep and fit lifestyle.

Living Smoke-free

Smoking is another cause of heart disease according to the American Heart Association, which explains,  that smoking is the most significant preventable cause of premature death in the U.S. Smokers have a greater risk of developing many chronic illnesses, including atherosclerosis— the build-up of fatty substances in the arteries— which can lead to coronary heart illness. Fortunately, today's aided living communities are usually smoke-free. Smoking is generally relegated to a designated outdoor region that ensures that residents and non-smoking employees are not exposed to dangerous, smoke-filled air. The non-smoking strategies of the communities not only safeguard non-smokers but can also assist to encourage present smokers to give up their habit.

The inconvenience of being permitted to smoke only in designated fields often serves as a motive to break the habit and citizens who actively try to stop smoking can also receive extra assistance from community medical experts. You can contact Redhaven Care Homes for assisted living in OKC.