How To Celebrate The Holidays In Assisted Living


It is that time of the year when two primary things take precedence: family get-togethers and traditions. Yes, Christmas is almost here, and Oklahoma City is getting ready for the holidays. What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of holidays? Surely it is family, comprising of members from all generations, enjoying being together under one roof. Even though the setting is slightly different in the case of private assisted living in Oklahoma, the holiday traditions and values are equally important.

So, what if your elderly loved ones stay at these senior living facilities; can you not bring them the good old Christmas joys of the season by visiting them for holiday celebrations? They surely deserve it and more at their age, when a little joy can make all the difference, even health-wise. The communities of private assisted living in Oklahoma are thankfully a great help, as they make arrangements together with the family members of the residents so that they do not feel left out during the holiday season. But what about the seniors who do not have children? Without children or other family to come over, are the seniors isolated in the assisted living facilities of Oklahoma during the holiday? No, of course not! The staff and the management of these facilities are well-prepared for such situations and organize activities to engage the elderly in holiday celebrations.

Select the Location for Holiday Celebrations While Keeping Safety Concerns in Mind!

Take a few safety things into consideration, like whether your elderly parents have dementia, whether you can handle their transportation and physical requirements, etc. If you can manage all of this, things cannot get better for your old loved ones. An ideal way to celebrate the holidays is to take them to the old family house and spend a few days celebrating with the entire family. It will surely bring a deep sense of belonging to which nothing else compares! Even if they are worried about becoming a burden to you amidst the celebration, reassure them of how they are just as much a part of the family!

However, in several situations, bringing seniors home for celebrations can get risky, taking into considering safety and health concerns. The assisted living facilities here in Oklahoma City are well-equipped with specialized staff that do their best to give your loved ones the necessary care that you may not be able to provide; for example, if you have a parent suffering from vision loss or Alzheimer’s. In these cases, taking seniors to an unfamiliar location may be upsetting, especially if there are loud celebrations or even just minor alterations to their daily routine. It would be better in these instances to arrange for a quieter celebration for them inside their assisted living room.

Bring Some Holiday Cheer With Holiday Activities Within the Community!

The environment of almost all assisted living communities in Oklahoma City gets very busy as the holiday season sets in. Several innovative and holiday-themed activities are planned and organized by the staff of these communities on a regular basis all throughout the holidays. The loop of activities starts off from the day of Thanksgiving and ends with the New Year’s celebrations. Activities that you can do with your elderly loved ones include the following:

· Cake and cookie baking.

· Room decorations with the help of the staff.

· Shopping for children and grandchildren.

· Group wrapping sessions of the purchased festive gifts.

· Family visits. You cannot deny opening gifts in a group is a totally different feeling as compared to opening them alone.

· Tagging along with them to the meals and holiday events that the assisted living facilities arrange.

· Spending an evening with them singing Christmas carols, which can be followed by a warm and cozy movie night. The timeless classics often bring back good memories of their youth and past holidays.

· Producing a short skit or planning a holiday scrapbook making session with family and the other members of the senior living facilities.

The Tradition of Giving Back

Today, all the senior living facilities emphasize the holiday theme of giving back, in which giving is just as enjoyable as getting during the holiday season.

Another major aspect of celebrating holidays in assisted living is family visits. It is crucial to keep your elderly loved ones away from any source of social isolation. You must attempt to keep them warm not just physically but mentally as well, by spending the holiday with them in the assisted living community.