How to Care Seniors to Avoid Falling Incidents

senior fall incident

Most contributions to senior falling events are linked to the continuing lifestyle and health status of a senior. Some factors, such as unhealthy living and continuous medical problems, are known to be the primary causes. Fortunately, individuals are taught to look for these types of occurrences at many senior living centers and assisted living communities. You can get in touch with home senior care in Oklahoma.

Decline in Exercise and Physical Fitness

There has been an increase in obesity and sedentary living among the elderly of today. With increased weight and a weaker body to support it, seniors are more likely to lose balance and fall. Mild exercises that reinforce the muscles, boost flexibility, and maintain equilibrium can stop seniors from falling. Additionally, a correct diet can also assist to decrease weight and maintain the body healthy.

Poor Vision

Some age-related eye issues can make it hard for seniors to detect items that could cause falls (such as steps and furnishings). Even if a senior is healthy, failing to see certain objects can cause injury-causing drops. That's why seniors should always get sight check-ups every year and wear the appropriate eyewear.


Lots of seniors take certain medications to assist take care of continuing medical circumstances. However, several of them could impair a senior, leading to a falling injury. Some medicines can trigger circumstances such as drowsiness and impaired vision / judgment. Because of this, seniors should ensure that their medicines do not cause any kind of falling events.

Ongoing Health Circumstances

A lot of seniors these days are facing a lot of continuing circumstances that could influence their equilibrium. Conditions such as arthritis and sarcopenia (muscle weakness owing to aging) can lead to bad grip, unbalance, and physical weakness. In addition, a senior may still feel the after-effects of a medical procedure like a hip replacement. These after-effects of these processes lead to problems of pain, discomfort and mobility for seniors. The combination of these after-effects and continuing circumstances can lead to drops, causing more issues for seniors.

How Assisted Living Communities are Working to Control the Incident of Senior Falling?

Falling events can occur to anyone, from healthy / physically active seniors in autonomous houses to closely controlled seniors in assisted living groups. Because of this, these groups ensure that their inhabitants are always secure.

Knowing which seniors are susceptible to falling communities ' employees and management are constantly being educated to figure out which inhabitants are more susceptible to falling. Because of that, they can take additional care of those inhabitants, stop incidents from occurring, and make sure they are not left alone in the event. In addition, employees and management are trained to monitor those who may have certain circumstances that may have problems dropping and balancing.

For instance, being a diabetic is a prevalent disorder for elderly. Often seniors with diabetes experience leg and foot pain, which leads to balancing problems. Another instance is seniors with cognitive impairment. These elderly with a decreasing memorization and thinking process are more susceptible to falling accidents. That's why they are being closely supervised.

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