How Exercise Contributes To Healthy Living For Seniors

Seniors doing exercise

It is proven that regular exercise and activities keep your body from several types of diseases. Exercise even has proven benefits on chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many others. Children are spontaneously active, but for all the other ages groups, exercise is recommended. The type of exercise depends on a person’s health condition, medical history and schedule.

For seniors, some activities are recommended for maintaining a healthy body and mind. They can’t start working out the way you do. They need support for all of their activities and experts recommend that they follow a structured workout regimen. Home-based assisted living services may provide adequate support, but senior living homes are better at involving seniors in physical activities as they can be completed with a group.

If you follow statistics, you will find that almost 92% of older people have at least one chronic condition and 77% of them have two. Chronic conditions have a major contribution to disabilities. Fortunately, seniors have specialists who recommend to them the right exercises to mitigate and even cure these diseases.

Seniors doing yoga on mat

For the people, who are already disabled, it is a little more difficult to involve them in physical activities. But if they resign themselves to the situation and skip the exercise, they will develop more inactivity and chronic conditions. With this they then suffer from loneliness and worthlessness and develop mental problems like depression and anxiety. Rather than home-based assisted living, the assisted living caregivers try and make disabled people perform special activities so that the situation won’t become worse.

The effectiveness of exercise for seniors is notably impressive. It has been shown in studies that 30 minutes of scheduled exercise, five days a week, improves the cardiovascular health of older people. It reduces high blood pressure, lowers an abnormally high heart rate, controls cholesterol and reduces fat and these all result in keeping cardio diseases away.

Diabetic patients have also received benefits from exercise. A high-intensity 10 minute workout thrice a day, five days a week, can control the glucose levels in blood. It is also beneficial for the heart and overall body.

Cancer also has areas that benefit from exercise. Cancer affecting areas like prostate, breast, colon etc. can be highly benefited from exercise. Physical activities take care of their mental conditions as well.

You can hire home-based assisted living for seniors, but living in an assisted living home, enjoying special services, involving themselves in activities and interacting with other people will make the seniors overall healthier. RedHaven Care Homes is one such assisted living home where the caring and compassionate caregivers help seniors live in the best way possible for their age.