How Does an Assisted Living Environment Induce Better Mental Health for Seniors?

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Seniors are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues, from problems in memory and cognitive decline to an increased epidemic of loneliness. Research has shown that mental health problems such as anxiety and depression can affect overall health and well-being. Depression and social isolation may in many cases have further adverse effects and risks of severe health issues can increase. Fortunately, however, is that there are several activities and other resources to keep seniors in good spirits.

Keeping in contact with friends and the family and maintaining a strong and meaningful social relationship can help prevent mental health problems for the elderly. Seniors have the opportunity to enjoy social contact and support while maintaining their independence, in a residential community with 24-hour access to personal care, as well as a nutrition and wellness service specifically for older adults.

A Safe Living

For the elderly to stay safe at home, a variety of home changes may be needed if their physical health begins to decrease — for example, shower rails and warning systems, for example — and the expenses can quickly increase. The mobility and accessibility in our assisted living in OKC are designed to enable seniors to avoid accidents and falling and to provide quick access to assistance.

Intellectual Company

The various activities supported by living communities include plenty of lifelong learning opportunities, activities and socialization.

A Healthy Meal

Senior nutrition at home can be complicated to monitor. Seniors living by themselves may not find it convenient to cook for themselves and monitoring whether their loved ones receive the necessary nutrients is a challenge for family care providers. Residents are served three meals a day in our assistant living in OKC which are tailored to older adults' changing health needs.

Mind Stimulation by Games

To stay sharp and prevent cognitive slipping with growing age our brain requires stimulation just as the body needs physical activity and stimulation. Every activity aimed to keep people’s mind in good condition works to solve problems and helps brain health. The following activities are among the most common and easier-to-do for seniors:

  • Writing and reading

  • New language learning

  • Instrument playing

  • Puzzle solving

  • Indoor games

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Physical Activities

Exercise is good for mind and body, starting with regular walks, through classes of yoga and ballroom dancing.

Growing a Hobby

It is important to keep a routine after retirement. Seniors could have a wish list or dreams that they have put off for ‘one day’. This is the time they can start living their life and pursue their wishes of a bucket list, whether it is gardening, culinary or learning how to use social media!


Many seniors find fulfillment and purpose in volunteering for a good cause. There are several opportunities for the seniors to engage and to feel valued, without a shortage of organizations and causes for support.

For keeping your parents in the best state of their mind and health, contact our assisted living in OKC. At Redhaven Care Homes, we will warmly welcome your parents with care, compassion and support they need.