Home-Based Assisted Living and Nursing Homes: Similarities and Differences

home based assisted living

There are several misconceptions about home-based assisted living for seniors. Many people think that despite being home based, this type of assisted living is unsuitable for seniors, and some even misunderstand that assisted living is equivalent to abandoning seniors in an unhealthy environment. These are all results of inadequate knowledge about it. Basically, proper home based assisted living is responsible for providing elderly individuals with medical aid, love, care and everything necessary to make their lives better.

People often become perplexed about assisted home service, as it has some similarities to a nursing home. Besides these similarities, there are some prominent differences also. Below are some of the similarities and differences between home-based assisted living and nursing homes to help clear the air.

The Similar Services

Both nursing homes and home-based assisted living have the same goal of providing seniors with security, medical attention, balanced meals and support for activities of daily living (ADL). More specifically, the similarities include the following:

Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance

Proper medical attention is the most important thing for older adults. Aging often brings with it several ailments, and they require proper medical treatment for symptom management and healing. Nursing homes and home-based assisted living both help seniors maintain their medication schedules.

Supporting Services

It often becomes difficult for seniors to manage their laundry, housekeeping and transportation on their own. This is the foremost reason they choose assisted living. Nursing homes also provide such services.

Balanced Meals

Balanced Meals

Seniors should eat nutritious food to stay healthy. Well-balanced meals containing all types of nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fat) in the right proportions should be ensured as the staple diet of seniors. When planning and preparing healthy meals at home becomes difficult, nursing homes and home-based assisted living can make it easy.

Better Living

Isolation and loneliness can have a severe impact on seniors’ mental health. This can result in or worsen depression, dementia, diabetes and high blood pressure. Both assisted living and nursing homes offer excellent services to stave off isolation and loneliness. They provide seniors with physical, mental and emotional support to help them feel happy with their lives.

The Differences

Despite the similarities, there are some important differences between nursing homes and assisted living.

  • People in nursing homes need medical attention more than others. Medical aid has first priority there. The assistants in nursing homes are skilled physical therapists. On the other hand, assisted living provides overall support for seniors. Not only do they offer therapy for physical problems, but they also provide support for mental issues.

  • Residents of nursing homes abide by specific rules and regulations set by the nursing home, unlike in one’s own home. Many people might feel constrained in a not-so-homely environment. Conversely, home-based assisted living is designed to foster the comfortable, independent feeling of home.

  • Nursing homes are more like institutions than supportive homes for seniors. As mentioned above, they provide less freedom. Assisted living providers recognize the need for a different mental and emotional support system and therefore offer more freedom and overall enjoyment.

  • Generally, nursing homes do not offer many entertainment facilities for the residents, but assisted living homes do. The latter often have clubhouses, game rooms, dances and many other opportunities for residents to remain active and social. These facilities and activities help them recover from depression and loneliness and live better.

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