Heart-Healthy Diet for Seniors

heart healthy diet

A word for many illnesses affecting both the heart and blood vessels is cardiovascular disease. A method called atherosclerosis involves many cardiovascular diseases. When a plaque is built up in arterial walls, atherosclerosis grows. This can lead to a life-threatening heart attack or a stroke.

Seniors are especially vulnerable when health problems start growing on their bodies. One of these problems that get more probable with age is cardiovascular disease. In reality, around four in five individuals are over 65 years old who die from heart disease. That is why in our home-based assisted living, we maintain a diet for our seniors.

Food for Better Health

It is never fun eliminating favorite foods from your diet, so it is better to concentrate on eating less unhealthy food than to remove some foods from your diet. It seems that you always want the moment you create a whole meal; you suddenly want it. Concentrate on eating less of the following ingredients when you change to a heart-healthy diet:

  • Trans fats from deep fried or partially hydrogenated ingredients.

  • Fats often discovered in snack, fast food, and fried foods.

  • White bread, packaged pasta, white rice, and cereals.

  • Packaged foods, especially sugar or sodium foods.

  • Cured meats, such as salami and bacon and processed meats.

  • High-fat milk products.

  • Fatty meats and meats of the organ. Lard and butter.

Food for Heart

Salmon Rich in Omega – 3

Salmon is one of the best-suggested foods when it comes to cardiac health and a staple diet in our home-based assisted living. The main reason salmon is so favored is because of its high content of fatty acids omega-3. It has been shown that the omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon have reduced the likelihood of arrhythmias (uneven cardiac beat) and have been able to avoid atherosclerosis. Lower triglycerides were also found for Omega-3s. These three variables that promote health are of particular help to the elderly. Other types of fish, such as tuna, trout, sardines, and mackerel could also be chosen if you are not fond of salmon.


Berries Rich in Polyphenols

For many reasons, berries are excellent for good health. They're packed with polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants help in blood pressure and good blood vessel health. The options are all fantastic: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Nuts with Fiber

Nuts are another category of food for excellent cardiac health. Almonds, noodles, and pistachios are all filled with soluble fiber. Walnuts are especially advantageous because they contain a sort of fat called alpha-linolenic acid. This aloha-linoleic acid is anti-inflammatory and has shown that plaque in the arteries effectively decreases.

Oatmeal with Beta-glucan

The sort of fiber it includes, known as beta-glucan, is good for cardiovascular health. Lower LDL cholesterol (the undesirable type) with beta-glucan. Not into oatmeal? In barley, shiitake mushroom and seaweed, you can also discover beta-glucan.

At our home-based assisted living, Redhaven Care Homes, we take care of our senior residents with home cooked meals designed for a healthy heart.