Halloween Party for Seniors in Oklahoma City

halloween for seniors.jpg

If you still think that Halloween parties are just kids’ affairs, then you’re terribly wrong. Halloween parties are not at all age-specific, and moreover, you may be astonished to know the kind of fun that goes on at an assisted living activity in Oklahoma City around Halloween. The senior home facilities in Oklahoma City are very proactive when it comes to the preparation of activities and games for the elders to participate in.

 Oklahoma City assisted living facilities invite families of residents to attend Halloween parties to make the day more fun. Even neighbors and friends can join in to encourage camaraderie and share some spooky fun.

Halloween crafts are a must for decorations!

It doesn’t feel like Halloween if the ambiance is not fitting. Elders feel more involved when they are engaged in most aspects of an event and can give their inputs.

Spooky Candles: These work great for Halloween decorations, and elders can help since they are easy to make.

Traditional Halloween Pumpkins: A Halloween without good old jack-o’-lanterns is just no Halloween at all. Senior members sure do have fun carving spooky designs on pumpkins or even painting them.

Simple Spider Webs: Just provide some yarn and watch assisted living residents weave their way to decorative spider webs. You can also join in with your loved ones and make spider webs with coffee filters.

Make a difference with exciting games and activities!

Goblins, candy, costumes, themed food, fun games . . . that’s it! You are all set to celebrate Halloween with your elderly folks. Halloween games give life to the party.

Charades: Brainstorming Halloween-themed ideas can be really interesting. Miming Dracula, for instance, is great fun to watch. While the grandchildren add names like Harry Potter, werewolf and headless horseman to the party, the elderly give a touch of the good old days with Jack the Ripper and thrilling movies like Hitchcock films.

Storytelling: Halloween parties always seem incomplete without a few engaging scary stories. What could be better than turning to your lovable elders for their stories? They are the best in both reading and narrating scary stories while creepy sound effects float in from the audience.

Costume Contest: Seniors at assisted living facilities can be encouraged to make masks and costumes for Halloween, and on the thirty-first, the best pick gets to play the showstopper and add spark to the party.