Halloween for Seniors: Activities Assisted Living Homes Encourages

Halloween for Seniors

When everyone in Oklahoma City is preparing for Halloween this year, why would seniors miss out? The assisted living homes have good plan in place for them.

Seniors at home often get deprived of the enjoyment of many festivals. But this is now in the past. No matter whether they are in an assisted living home or have private assisted living in Oklahoma City, seniors are provided with all the arrangements to enjoy Halloween the way everyone else does.

Here are some glimpse of what is involved

Halloween Pumpkin Craft for the Seniors

Crafts for the Seniors

The seniors in the assisted living homes of Oklahoma City are involved in various activities for Halloween.  While they are doing this the caregivers keep an eye on everyone and assist with a helping hand as needed. The caregivers that are apart of private assisted living in Oklahoma City pay attention to this also and prepare activities that are suitable for the seniors they look after individually. The activities may include:

  1. Decorating pumpkins and making Jack-O-Lanterns. They also paint and make designs on the pumpkins. The people who cannot handle sharp equipment are given the duty of designing pumpkins instead.

  2. Lacy candles are easy to make, and the ingredients required are cheap and risk-free.

  3. Spiderwebs, are also an important decoration for Halloween and easy to hang. Seniors can work in a group to make the web with coffee filters.

  4. Using white paper, a black sharpie and scissors, seniors can make spinning ghosts. Hanging them around the room will bring with it a spooky feeling.

  5. Garlands can also give this affect and they glow in the dark. Decorating them with paper bats and ghosts can make seniors happy during the Halloween season.

Halloween Recipes


For season, their prescribed diet cannot be skipped for seniors. The caregivers at the assisted living homes and private assisted living in Oklahoma City take care to prepare meals while maintaining a nutritional balance and the festive mood as well.

  • Deviled eggs is one of the recipes that includes a combination of all healthy ingredients including eggs and veggies.

  • Sweet potato with a mixture of tasty spices can make special Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns, a perfect snack for seniors.

  • A witch’s broom can be made with cheese and pretzels. The texture should be soft and easy to digest.

  • If alcohol is allowed, add shrunken cider to the menu. If you want to skip the liquor, you can stick to the rest of the recipes.

  • Made with juices, a little sugar and fruits you can make dragon’s blood punch. Tasty, healthy, but spooky.

In order to keep seniors involved and improve their mental and physical abilities, the celebration of these festivities is imperative. Redhaven Care Homes provide seniors with both an assisted living home or private assisted living in Oklahoma City. Call them now to book a slot for your senior.