Get Rid of Boredom with These Activities

bored woman

There are two faces of Boredom: either you become relentless and anxious or you become helpless and lethargic. Both of these can lead to depression and destructive conduct.

During their lives, most people get bored one day or another. It is an emotion so common that it is considered innocuous and easily resolved.

For those affected by that state of mind, there is not much sympathy. You often have advice on activities you ought to do if you say you are bored. Here are some activities to help you get out of boredom. The home-based assisted living communities take care of these activities for the sake of the seniors better mental health.

Physical Activities

Perhaps you can consider joining a gym if you are physically able. Exercise not only preserves your overall health but also produces chemical products known as endorphins that create positive sensations.  It is also an activity that allows you to monitor your progress and to achieve yourself.

Old Hobbies

Do you remember that you enjoyed a hobby before work, a spouse or children came into the frame?  When you retire, the children are out of the house, and your wife wants to keep you busy.  While you were too busy for a hobby, now is the time to try something new. Give hiking, painting, photography, or knitting a try because time is not an obstacle.

A wide range of activities, from painting and sculpture to writing and storytelling, can be creative. If you can express yourself or dictate a story into an artwork, the boredom you would otherwise feel may disappear.

senior gardening

New Activities

In a home-based assisted living environment, you can try several new things to keep your brain involved. Here are some ideas you can try for other activities:

  • Learn a new card game.

  • Learn how to sew, knit, or embroidery.

  • Try gardening.

  • Get to know a musical tool like a keyboard, guitar, ukulele, or more. Have your music professor come into your living or living room, or have a family member drive you into the studio or residence of your teacher.


You have learned a lot over your working years, and you can use your know-how in many organizations. Don't know where to work? Think of the causes you promote or issues you feel strongly about, such as disease advocacy, education, or animals. You can mentor college students or contractors, tutor kids in school age, fund medical research, or do other work for a non-profit organization.