Gardening: A Nice Way to Treat Dementia


Dementia is a common disease that takes control of senior minds. Although some forgetfulness is normal with age, a greater amount may hint at dementia. People often fail to recognize dementia at its early stages, and lack of knowledge is a major reason.

Home senior care in Oklahoma provides proper care for seniors suffering from dementia. Apart from medical attention, this type of care keeps them diverted with meaningful and constructive activities that enrich brain activity and help treat dementia.

Gardening is always a nice thing to do for people of any age. It not only improves the appearance of a place, but it also helps cheer up one’s mood and stimulate a positive feeling. It is one of the activities that Redhaven Care Homes provides for dementia care in Oklahoma City.

happy gardener

Let’s focus on some of the benefits of gardening:

  • It helps boost the spirit of senior individuals. Spending time in nature, breathing fresh air and absorbing sunlight all help improve mental health. That is why gardening is included as a part of treating dementia patients in assisted living.
  • Many stress-related problems can be improved with gardening, as it is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. According to research, gardening has the ability to reduce cortisol levels in the brain, and since cortisol is the “stress hormone,” this helps the body relax.
  • Gardening is also a form of exercise involving raking, weeding, planting, etc. This increases strength and improves balance, flexibility and mobility.
  • Spending time in sunlight while engaging in constructive work improves overall health and, more specifically, is beneficial for the immune system.

Because many seniors cannot take part in intense gardening that requires a lot of strength, the concept is slightly modified for residents of home senior care in Oklahoma. Several types of gardening processes used in senior care homes are listed below:

Container Gardening

Gardening does not always refer to planting in a vast area. It can be done in a limited space—even in a container. Cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes and many other plants can be grown in a container.

community gardening

Community Gardening

Community gardening encourages socializing while working in the garden. In many cities, people can rent garden plots in their residential area to enjoy the hobby. Those who do so often interact with the others who also rent plots in the same space. Home senior care in Oklahoma utilizes a similar system to encourage socializing among residents.

Window Gardening

People who are unable to participate in community gardening can use their windows to grow flowers or other small plants. Residents of assisted living in Oklahoma City have this opportunity to enjoy blooming flowers while sitting near the window.

Redhaven Care Homes offers responsible home senior care in Oklahoma where people with dementia are treated with the best care and aid. We provide seniors with activities that stimulate their brains, including gardening. Contact us for more service details