Find Out the Reasons Behind Seniors’ ‘Behavioral Expression’

A Sad old woman sitting on a wheel chair

It is not good for people with dementia to be sad. Sadness deteriorates their mental condition. The sadness can take many forms and can lead to several bigger problems. Due to sadness, dementia patients tend to ask repeated questions. The caregivers from home based assisted living or assisted living homes have a hard time understanding what contributes to their behavior. They struggle to figure out how to react to them without hurting them.

It is not their intention to be difficult when they become upset. It is because they struggle with a need that they are unable to express to the caregivers. This disorder is called ‘behavioral expression’. This problem is more acute with dementia patients. It is frustrating for them to fail when expressing what they are in need of.

For the caregivers in home based assisted living it is very important to know what triggers their sadness. If they can uncover the reason for their sadness, it will help them to take care of them with adequate love and support.


Here are some common reasons why dementia patients suffer from behavioral expression.

  • A situation or environment that overwhelms their senses; it can be something too loud or too stuffy.

  • A change in environment, i.e. place or apartment. Confused about their location.

  • Surrounded by many people, including too many caregivers.

  • A quick approach or an approach from the side. They often have impaired peripheral vision.

  • Someone that talks forcefully or loudly with them.

  • Confused about directions given and conversations.

  • Uncomfortable weather.

  • Their personal space is compromised by family members or a stranger.

It is difficult for home based assisted living caregivers to understand and differentiate the reasons and needs of each patient. It is required that they be extremely patient to deal with such a situation. Only trained caregivers can provide the patients with the right support.

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