Don’t Let the Holidays Depressive for Your Older Adults

An old man thinking

You must be excited about Christmas and the New Year. You may have lots of plans for making these eves memorable. Are seniors similarly excited about these eves? If you have not thought about them, it is high time to make a difference. The festive seasons, preparations, party planning and so on can make your older adults depressed as they cannot enjoy the festivals like the other. Their physical incapability, dependence toward the others makes them isolated and all these cause depression.

The senior care homes in Oklahoma get the old people rid of this depression during the holidays. They have special arrangements for the seniors. There are many residents and the employees arrange activities and several enjoyable programs for them. Often they utilize the holidays to take the older people on small trips and outings. Redhaven Care Homes is one of such reputed senior care homes in Oklahoma where we provide the seniors with all possible care, support and medicinal help.

Now, learn about the prime causes of depression among older adults during the holidays:

  • Depending on the climate of the place, winter can bring in a natural depression within the seniors. The pale nature, cold and icy look, less warm sunlight etc. can act as a responsible factor for inviting depression to the older people.

  • If the older people have to stay all the time at home without any activity other than the cognitive ones, it can cause depression. And seeing people around them enjoying the holiday can increase the feeling of depression. The isolation from the world makes them feel lonely and helpless.

A Depressed Woman

  • The past memories of spending the holidays cheerfully can make them sad in this age.

  • If the health is deteriorating day by day and only companions the older people have are the medicines and medical help lonely festivals can make them more depressed. These make them putting blame on their health and hating their life for being like that.

The symptoms of depression within the senior people are as follows:

  • Prolonged sadness.

  • Withdrawing all the favorite activities.

  • Loss of energy and appetite.

  • Change in behavior.

  • An abrupt change in weight.

  • Insomnia or oversleeping.

  • A problem in focusing.

  • Lack of interest.

To get your older people out of all these troubles, you should find a reliable senior care home for them in OKC. Over there, they can find proper associations, activities, interaction opportunities, other amusements along with medical supervision.