Don’t Be Retired Hurt, Be Happily Retired

Happy Senior Couple

We don’t really think about our retirement in our mid-30’s, we really do not have any idea how we are going to spend that period of our life. Retirement is a time when we do not have a workload, a fixed routine to reach our workplace, daily meetings etc. This phase can come into your life gracefully if you plan wisely. This is the time you can use to invest in traveling, be a bookworm, and grow your own garden or anything that gives you happiness. When you or your children have arranged home-based assisted living in Oklahoma City, do not think that you are confined in the four walls of the complex. You are not in chains; you are free to go anywhere, the world is your oyster to explore.

Perhaps you missed out on your neighbor’s wedding anniversary due to your busy schedule or you missed seeing your child grow up. This is the time you can rewind everything. Meet your neighbors, they will warmly greet you. Spend time with your grandchildren and do everything that perhaps you missed out on when you were the parent. Amongst so many do’s, there is only one don’t. Don’t isolate yourself and think it is the end of your life. After retiring from work, it is common to be depressed, but being a human you can overcome it. In Oklahoma City, you can get help from others for this stage in your life and stay in a home-based assisted living or hire a caregiver.

Let’s go deeper. Here are some factors to discuss:


Plan your environment wisely, if required renovate your home. Change lighting, it can easily up lift your mood. Keep an open floor plan, an accessible bathroom and ask your builder to remove anything from the house that can make you fall. Safety is the first priority, therefore, ask your home builder to make your house safe.


You do not want to stay far away from your hometown. In Oklahoma City, you have several good home-based assisted living options that are not far from your home. Basically, when are finding a home-based assisted living in Oklahoma City, what you need to look for? First, great weather; second, away from all the noise; third, good transportation; fourth, a great scope of entertainment – all are available here. You could compare it to a great combo meal at your favorite restaurant; it has everything you want.



We generally stay occupied in our working life; there are meetings, invitations, family time and everything else. After retirement, there is a sudden gap, which leads to fewer people around, and eventually depression. To fill this blank space, assisted living is a great alternative. You can meet new people, make new friends and socialize.

Regular Care

It is imperative to have access to doctors, clinics and medical centers, all nearby. Make contact with them and try to see if they provide emergency services. Each assisted living home has its own setup and doctors for medical emergencies, first aid and good transport to reach hospitals faster.

There are plenty of services a good assisted living home provides. In Redhaven Care Homes, especially, there are some added features like an organized meal plan according to the individual’s taste and medical condition, regular checkups, entertainment and all. You can move to this retirement community whenever you want without feeling homesick.