Dementia Seniors: The Symptoms Pointing Towards Assisted Living Support

dementia seniors

Dementia is basically an accumulation of certain complex symptoms. It is one of the most unpredictable diseases that may not show in cognitive issues. The key symptom of dementia is called primary progressive aphasia where the patients lose their ability to speak. On the other hand, frontotemporal dementia may bring with it behavioral changes in the patient. Alzheimer is one type of dementia that manifests all of these symptoms, but progression is so slow that it wouldn’t show up until it is in its advanced stages.

The affected people have very fluctuating behavior. They might be normal for a couple of hours, but then you may witness an abrupt change. People can confuse dementia with normal age-related memory issues. But, these two ideas are polar opposites. There is a huge difference between weak memory and dementia. For dementia, patients need assisted living in OKC or wherever they live in, but for those with weak memory, it is not required. Dementia patients are unable to live their lives on their own. They need formal assistance to perform most day to day activities, including cognitive ones.

Why would dementia patients need assisted living in OKC and not a nursing home? Well, apart from medical attention, they need other support as well for the rest of their lives, and this is not possible in nursing homes. Let’s look at the symptoms to know when your elder needs the support of assisted living homes.

1. For a senior with dementia, it is difficult to complete the tasks of daily life, including maintaining hygiene, eating, dressing and many others. If you find that your senior is unable to complete these tasks and it has resulted in weight loss, bad body odor, oral diseases, uncleaned home etc., don’t delay in contacting the assisted living in OKC.

2. For a dementia patient, it is normal to have very poor memory. If they fail to find their way home, get lost while completing a task, fail to remember how to work household appliances, forget to turn off the heater or the gas, become aggressive for no reason, or invite strangers and trust them with their belongings, it is time to seek help from assisted living experts.

3. People misusing the seniors’ ability to make judgement calls or remember anything. Scammers may target them to loot their money. They will need an assistance if they start making mistakes while paying bills, forget to pay them, pay them twice, sign a document without understanding the terms, etc.. They may end up losing all their money if proper support is not given.

assisted living in okc

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