Bright Sides of Private Assisted Living Homes

Assisted Living Home

One question often arises when an elderly adult starts the search for a senior residential community. It can be a tough decision if adult children live far away.

During retirement years, moving away usually means building a new social network and getting around an entirely new city. The advantage on the other side is that it is close to your children — and perhaps even your grandchildren.

When determining where to live in retirement, in the private assisted living homes or somewhere else, you should consider four things.

Companion and Assistance

Most older adults want to be close to the people they love most when they get older. However, sometimes, it has a reverse effect of moving closer to your adult child. When traveling is a common thing for them for entertainment or career and have more extended work hours, moving them cannot work. Perhaps you can't count on them for continuous support and companionship. It’s always good to have a close circle of friends wherever you live.

Accessibility for Care

If you now live in a very rural area, there may not be so many options for senior residence and healthcare. It is a significant factor to take into account. You may explore opportunities in both areas to decide which one will give you better access to hospitals and doctors.

An old lady with caregiver at assisted living home

Family Means Comfort Zone

With age, our adaptability to change decreases. You will want to compare the positive effects of moving to a new location with the advantages of staying close to the family. Take time to have an honest inventory of the most enjoyable thing in your life, and the benefits of moving to a private assisted living home closer to your family.

Let Your Heart Guide You

It's a move you're probably not going to make again unless you have to. It's important to keep up with your heart. Be careful about the essential things in your life and be confident about spending the post retirement years likewise.

In the private assisted living arrangement of Redhaven Care Homes, older adults will get special treatment and arrangement including on-site nurses, entertainment, socialization and everything else, without compromising their freedom and privacy. We allow family visits so that seniors do not feel away from home. Come to us and get a tension free and secured life ahead.