How Assisted Living Supports Independence for Seniors with Vision Loss


Old age brings with it several changes, one of which may be vision loss. In different parts of the U.S., such as Oklahoma City, the practice of family living is gradually diminishing, leaving elderly individuals and couples on their own. This has increased the demand for assisted living in OKC. For seniors (within the age bracket of 70–90 years) suffering from vision loss, moving around the house and doing daily chores becomes very risky. Therefore, it is best to opt for the services of the trusted assisted living facilities in OKC.

Visual impairment due to old age is not the end of living an independent life. Today, assisted living facilities have technological advancements that help residents maintain an independent lifestyle. Quite a few senior care or assisted living communities are built keeping in mind the necessities of older Americans who tend to suffer from visual loss.

How Does Assisted Living Foster Independence for Those with Visual Impairment?

The Issues:

Even routine tasks can become a source of daily struggle for seniors with vision problems. When merely bathing, doing laundry, housekeeping or cooking becomes a challenge, driving is totally out of the question. Then how do seniors meet their doctor appointments? This is where assisted living facilities come in. Their staff are aptly trained to assist senior members with routine tasks and facilitate other necessary tasks. Assisted living not only enables the independence of senior residents but also provides improved life quality for elderly individuals with vision issues.

The Response:

Along with causing lifestyle difficulties, vision loss also has a significant impact on a psychological level. When watching TV or even reading books seem to be impossible, assisted living communities give residents access to text-to-talk computer software and audio books. Such technologies make certain pleasures possible for visually impaired individuals.

When added to other health problems, visual problems can degrade the overall mental health and quality of life of a senior. Assisted living facilities in OKC aid in alleviating this, since a primary object of these facilities is to bring residents together in the form of a social community. Assisted living creates a sense of  belonging through group excursions, meal sharing and regular interactions between elderly members of the community, and it also creates a positive environment that promotes healthy and independent living.