Aging with Dignity

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To age with dignity, particularly among our aging population, was a recent topic of interest. Most of us agree that dignified aging should be considered a fundamental human right, but many American seniors are still looking for a way to fulfill it.

The Challenges

There are many ideas as to why the right of age with dignity is denied to our elderly loved ones, but in truth, dignified aging is multi-faceted and much complicated. There are numerous factors below the surface which challenge their accessibility.

Aging Population Is Growing Rapidly

The rapidly aging population itself is one of the most important barriers to aging with dignity. We have now older adults than we have in our country's history. No matter how grateful we may be to see our loved ones live longer than we ever thought, this gift did not come at no cost.

We have created an imbalance by extending our lives. There are now more people who need care than those who can provide care. It is difficult for older adults to keep their health without having access to proper care and therefore to challenge their dignity.

Insufficient Healthcare System

Besides increasing the ratio of caregivers, many Americans believe that the challenge is the result of insufficient health care; and they are not completely wrong.

Apart from obvious issues such as health care costs, many older adults felt that their dignity was challenged when patients best chance to see doctors comes at nursing homes rather than specialized medical facilities.

Living Cost

In addition to a fast-aging population and a faulty health system, living costs play an important role. Our elderly loved ones not only live longer than we believed but live at a higher cost of living than they expected.

In addition to the necessity of extending their pension fund for longer than expected, many pensioners face unplanned challenges which can drain their savings accounts quickly. Some of these are health problems, medical expenses, and home repairs. There are not many things which can challenge your elderly loved one's dignity more than loss of self-support.

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The process of growing older is unjustly damaged by so many equating aging with a sense of decaying or declining that we try to escape the future outlook of age to create harmfully unnecessary fear. Aging is not bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aging is to be celebrated.

Many online articles focus on make-up, skin care and various beauty tips as to how you age graciously. However, the opposite is true; aging has very little to do with skin care and beauty. Graceful and dignified aging is a faith in the goodness of what you experience. It is tender, sweet statements that honor your being, your incredible journey to the present, the many experiences, moments of illumination and beautiful memories which form your being's essential fabric.

Pay yourself a tribute. Honor the age, travel and being of you. Pay reverence for your life and believe in the beauty that lies ahead of you, most importantly. The art of graceful, worthy aging starts with an affirmation. The point at which you truly learn to age with dignity, grace and the beauty that matters, is honoring yourself, avoiding the ridiculous notions of the aging that society puts forth and having convictions in the beauty of your journey.

To make it better and worth living, you can choose home senior care in Oklahoma. Instead of staying alone in a home, it is better to age with dignity with more people like you.