Activities of Reminiscent Therapy for Dementia Patients

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Reminiscence is a therapy that helps senior adults recall their memories. People with short-term memory loss, dementia or even alzheimer's can be highly responsive to it and show great results. Often, people with dementia or such mental diseases feel less valued and restless. This therapy, when rigorously followed by a senior care home in Oklahoma, helps people to feel valued, content and happy. This is not a therapy to reduce or stop dementia or to reverse effects, but will surely help to reduce stress, uplift mood, reduce agitation etc.

Benefits of this therapy include providing seniors with a feeling of success and confidence that they are still capable mentally. It also empowers them to share their thoughts and experience rather than just listening to others. Recalling older happy memories to help them to stay happy.

What is the difference between remembering and reminiscing? These two are not the same. To some extent, remembering is to recall something specific. Even if it has long past, it can become quite stressful. While reminiscing, it is difficult to know what memory will start coming back to you, it could be anything including painful memories. If adults recall such memories, you need to be kind and understanding while dealing with them.

Reminiscence Therapy

Therapies Followed in a Senior Care Home in Oklahoma

  1. Favorite Music – Music is considered a therapy for different purposes all over the world. Help seniors to listen to their favorite music. We all have favorite songs or tunes with which we have special memories associated. Simple music and little instruments can make them feel better.

  2. Old Photographs – Keep them showing you old photographs of their younger days, children and family. They will feel excited and it is a great way to recall memories. While seeing a picture, the related incident might flashback, and they will be able to cherish it again.

  3. Familiar Scents and Foods­- Unknowingly, smell is a powerful way to memorize things. We remember people by the smell of their perfume or scent. The brain recognizes that smell easily and tries to evoke memories with that fragrance. Also, make them have their favorite food at their favorite location. It is scientifically proven that favorite foods and locations are extremely powerful to recall forgotten memories.

  4. Hobbies – Make them entertain their hobbies again or start new hobbies. This is an excellent way to create memories.

If you feel your grandparent or elders will be benefited by these activities, ask a senior care home in Oklahoma to include these on their activity list. You will see results very soon.