A Myth Buster: Eradicate Your Fear of Assisted Living

Assisted living in OKC

The fear of losing independence, being neglected or being alone are all worries that cause stress for people considering assisted living in OKC. They are afraid of living alone, not getting to see the faces of their grandchildren or losing their right to make decisions.

However, these are baseless myths. The true scenario is the exact opposite, but the idea of leaving home is frightening. Knowing the facts can help uproot this deep-seated fear. Before you or your loved one moves into assisted living in OKC, read on to learn the truth behind some common myths.

  • Below standard and inadequate service: You may gasp in fear thinking about the service at assisted living facilities. But the truth is that assisted living provides the best home for elderly individuals. To ensure that each facility offers the best service, inspectors make unscheduled visits to the centers.

  • Lack of medications: If you believe the rumors, there is no medication available in assisted living facilities. But these are only rumors. Assisted living facilities offer care-planning meetings, regular doctor visits, routine checkups and medication assistance.

  • Chances of falling sick: When you fall sick at home, do you leave your home because of that? If not, then assisted living is no different. Another rumor that runs rampant is that elderly people fall sick more frequently in such environment, but there is no truth behind it.

  • Poor food quality: Seniors need the best meals to maintain healthy nutrient levels. Assisted living in OKC includes wholesome, flavorful meals that take into account the needs of each resident.

  • A hospital setting: It is high time to bust the most annoying myth associated with assisted living: Do not confuse assisted living with a hospital. Though the centers offer medical help and care they are not nursing homes. The lifestyle is relaxed here, and residents can socialize without compromising on life.

  • Your right to make decisions: You might feel you have left everything behind to move into assisted living. However, you still own the right to make decisions. It is up to you to decide how you want to live.

  • Lack of cleanliness: No one is forcing you to live in a garbage dump. Rathehr, assisted living facilities pay great attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Your new home will not smell like a hospital or like garbage.

  • Privacy issues: If you love your privacy or are not comfortable when unfamiliar people are around, know that assisted living facilities will respect that. If, after a walk or an eventful evening, you want to sip a cup of coffee alone on your balcony, no one will stop you.

Assisted living in OKC

Assisted living in OKC offers a new approach to life where you can spend some of the best years of your life. You will not be alone or unsecure in any terms. At Redhaven, the most popular assisted living facility in OKC, you will get the best service in town.