A Few Tips to Choose an Assisted Living Home

A caregiver with a old lady

Older adults today are fortunate to have a variety of options for them. However, the sheer number of options, especially for families who have not made such a choice previously, can be overwhelming. Families sometimes say that they do not know what to look for and how to start searching. Then they are forced to quickly find a solution under high stress when a crisis occurs. We have put together a few tips to help you and your family find a home-based assisted living in Oklahoma.

Your Top Seven Tips


The first step is to determine what kind of attention your loved one needs. How much support and care do they need every day? Do they need an independent living apartment or villa, or does your elderly family member need to receive additional support for daily routines? Has a doctor recently diagnosed your loved one with dementia? Although assisted living could be a good solution in the short term, you might want to see senior care offering support for daily living as well as memory care.

Trained Staff

While asking about caregiver and staff do not forget to request information about their education and turnover with the staff in each assisted living in Oklahoma you visit. A good, experienced team of caregivers is vital for the health and happiness of residents. A staff who continuously works for the well-being of residents promotes good health.


There is its unique personality in each senior living community. Some are formal and others relaxed. Which one is the comfort of your loved one? Take notes on the environment and culture of each person while you tour communities and see the family members live happily there. A home-based assisted living will naturally have the most intimate and casual environment.

A girl reading customer reviews


Take the time to find and read other family reviews online. Check their rating on various sites. Finally, request a copy of the state survey outcomes from the community. Many keep them at a reception desk or in the management bureau. This helps you understand better how the community performs on-site visits by government agencies.


The opportunity to socialize and participate in enrichment activities in daily life is a major cause for older people to move to a senior living environment. Take time to join or observe continuous activities when you visit each community. Review also the weekly or monthly calendar of the community to see what types of programs are set. Be careful on your tour whether informal groups of people like a cup of coffee or a card game, a movie or any other form of socialization. In a senior community, this is a vital part of everyday life.



How the community deals with changing needs is essential to know. It could be that a senior was hospitalized for a disease or surgery and needed some additional help to recover after returning home. However, sometimes a person has a health change that requires more continuous assistance. Can the assisted living in Oklahoma manage these changes, or will your loved one have to move again? A further question to ask is under what circumstances a senior should move there? One example could be the senior developing Alzheimer's.


Please ask for a copy of any contracts and documents that you must sign so that you understand what kind of undertaking is necessary. Is the contract a long-term commitment or a monthly lease? Is there a refundable deposit or entry fee? It's important to understand the terms as you move forward with your decision.

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