4 Vacation Management Tips for a Caregiver


When you were a child, your parents provided all the necessary care and support you needed to grow up. Now, when they are older, and you are in your adulthood, they are your responsibility. You should give them love, care and proper support to live the rest of their lives peacefully. Often, managing your career and aiding your elders becomes difficult for you. You may feel tired and need a vacation to vent out all your stress. But, if you go for a trip, who would take care of your elders who are completely dependent on you? You can seek a senior care home in Oklahoma for them, but make sure you plan your trip carefully to ensure it does not negatively affect them.

Here are some tips for you to plan for your ‘me-time’. Take a look.

  • You should notify your elders about your upcoming trip. Be patient while you are speaking to them about it. They are dependent on you and they may feel helpless hearing your plan to go away for a few days. State it in a positive way. Boost up their confidence. If they feel that you are worried about them they will be more nervous.  

  • It is definitely not the option to leave them alone. If they are dependent on you, you need someone to replace you for that time. Someone trustworthy should be there for medicine administration, dietary aids, other supports for their cognitive behaviors etc. You can use the services of a senior care home in Oklahoma to take over the responsibility in your absence.

senior care home in Oklahoma
  • In this age of advanced technology, it is not at all difficult to stay connected with each other. Explain to your senior that you’re traveling with your mobile phone and will be in touch with them. Make sure you provide the senior care home your phone number and the hotel’s phone number as well, in case they cannot reach you on your mobile. Also get their numbers so that you can call whenever you get time. It is recommended to call seniors once every day to assure them you are not not abandoning them.

  • Don’t feel guilty while traveling. It is your responsibility to take care of your elders, but you also have a personal life. Doctors suggest getting a vacation yearly to shake off tiredness, boredom and mental exhaustion. The trip is much-needed for you to get rid of the stress, anxiety and fatigue of life. Moreover, when you take your elders to a senior care home in Oklahoma City, there would be no doubt of their support system.

Contact RedHaven Assisted Living for support for your elder’s on your behalf. They will have a good life there while you are away.