3 Powerful Ways to Fight Depression in Seniors

home senior care in Oklahoma

We, as human beings always endeavor to have a healthy and happy life. Regardless of our age, we believe in quality living. To make this happen, we need a well-balanced body and mind. This is also relevant for the seniors in our society. The diseases they majorly suffer from are due an imbalance of mental and physical wellness. A major problem that make them suffer is depression. This mental disease is responsible for increasing their health issues as well. 

You can help them to relieve the symptoms of these problems. The senior care home in Oklahoma has intensive programs for seniors with depression and other similar ailments. You can consult them on behalf of your seniors to provide them with the life they thrive for.

home senior care in Oklahoma

Practicing Hobbies and Leaning New

No matter whether it is already their hobby, or they are trying to learn something new, it is necessary to keep seniors involved in some sort of activity. One activity may be crochet or knitting, which seniors can enjoy inside while socialising with others. They may also get involved in other activities such as:

  • Tai Chi, a martial art which includes gentle exercises to increase the muscular power and the functionalities of the heart.

  • Dancing, a preferred workout where merriment, comfort and physical activity is involved.

  • Choir, for music lovers while encouraging happy endorphin production.

home senior care in Oklahoma

Technology, Accessories and Others

The technology of a home assistant is used to help seniors maintain routines, and this is available with voice technology as well. Another technology that can be used is a weighted blanket. It weighs about 5-10% of a person’s body weight. It presses seniors down against the bed and it provides a calming effect on the brain. This creates the feeling of a hug and ignites serotonin in the body, helping to make better moods and calmness. A senior care home in Oklahoma uses these technologies for patients with depression once they have consulted a specialist.

Light therapy is often included when treating seniors with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Generally, during fall and winter, people suffer from this syndrome. To treat this, a lamp emitting 10,000 lux light is delivered to patients to provide them with the sunny warmth of summer. It provokes serotonin which is a happy hormone.   

home senior care in Oklahoma


Meditation is an excellent practice for anyone to maintain good mental health. For the people who suffer from a mental disorder, mediation is very much effective. A senior care home in Oklahoma makes people practice meditation for an overall improvement to their mental health.

You can contact Redhaven Care Homes as they are a reputable senior care home in Oklahoma and you will receive all of these services for your seniors to help suppress any mental disease and get a good life.