Assisted Living: A New Hope for Elders

Assisted living

Human life is a cycle of various stages. Youth, adulthood and old age are all a part of that cycle, and each stage requires different levels of support and assistance. People like to live the last years of their life well, as we do at any stage. However, inadequate, unprofessional and uncompassionate care can cause elderly people to suffer, which they do not deserve. Conversely, Redhaven Care Homes provides respectful and caring assisted living in OKC for seniors who need a little extra support.

If you are considering assisted living in OKC for your parents or other elderly family members, here are some points that you should keep in mind.

Way Different From a Nursing Home

There is a misconception regarding the idea of assisted living, in that many elders consider it to be the same as a nursing home. However, assisted living is very different than nursing homes. Assisted living facilities provide seniors with the love and care that they need, though they are not nursing facilities. These places are designed to provide people with the best services for their requirements. Assisted living in OKC maintains the safety of senior people and makes their lives beautiful with care, love and support.

An Economic Choice

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It’s time to break another misconception. People think that assisted living is way too costly. However, the reality is quite different. Redhaven Care Homes offers quality assisted living in OKC at an affordable rate. The basic expenses like meals, transportation and utilities are all included in a reasonable monthly bill.

Funding Solutions

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To make financing assisted living even easier, families should explore the various funding solutions that are available. Your loved one may be able to benefit from a long-term care insurance policy or the Aid & Attendance pension (for veterans and their spouses). In addition, life settlement companies often purchase life insurance policies at higher rates than the surrender value.

No Hard and Fast Rule


In assisted living facilities, the residents do not have to sacrifice their freedom. The staff at Redhaven respect the independence of the elderly residents, and thus, they provide them with the liberty to set their own schedules.

Variety of Facilities

The organizations that provide assisted living in OKC have unique qualities. Some are formal with luxurious services like providing proper dress for dinner, while others have a much more casual approach. In both cases, a wellness program, transportation services, concierge support, etc. are available. You can choose the service according to your requirement. Redhaven Care Homes maintains a good balance of these two ideas and makes life comfortable for the seniors.

No Boredom

The best assisted living organizations help seniors stay active. The activities provided are beneficial for both physical and mental health. There are activities like games, arts and crafts, routine outings, exercise classes, and many more to cheer residents’ spirit.

Your elderly family members should not be deprived of much-needed support, love and quality care. An excellent standard of living is what our elders deserve.