Breaking the Myths: A Close Look At Assisted Living


You are looking for assisted living for your grandparent or parent in OKC, and you want to arrange the best for them. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, your elderly loved one might be worried about moving into assisted living, adjusting to a new environment and, above all, the facilities. There are a myriad of myths associated with assited living, but there is no truth in them. The misconceptions may distract you, but if you take a close look into assisted living in OKC, you will get the full, clear picture: Assisted living at Redhaven is transparent, and there are no hidden factors that will bother you later.

The goal of assisted living is to make the life of seniors easier by providing the necessary services to help them feel at home even when you are unable to care for them. They will get round-the-clock services in the form of medical aid, financial assistance, companionship and others. You may think such living may demand more money down the road, but that is not true. You will only pay according to the options that you choose; price increases are rare and minimal.

Care Is Not Considered a Duty

Assisted living centers are not synonymous with nursing homes, but the care is exceptional. In assisted living, senior adults can live for short-term or long-term periods with complete care for their physical and mental health. With growing age, people need attention and companionship. The staff members are compassionate and sympathetic toward all residents. Some residents may experience mood swings, depression or other mental health disorders along with physical disabilities like trembling hands, walking difficulties or disease. Assisted living in OKC includes experts to take care of all those needs.


Next is the food. Our life revolves around food, as it is our central source of energy, strength and overall wellness. Assisted living provides the best meals according to the needs of the residents. The food is prepared according to health requirements—for example, if your mother is allergic to shrimp, it will never be present on her plate.


If your grandfather cannot walk steadily or groom himself well, the staff of the assisted living facility will help him bathe, change his clothes and even read the newspaper.

An Improved Quality of Life

Assisted living in OKC offers culturally diverse options: Your loved one’s homeplace, food culture and religion will all be respected there. In addition, your parents or grandparents can choose to live together—moving to assisted living does not mean that spouses must live separately.

Assisted living in OKC is much like home, and after the initial adjustment, your loved ones will be comfortable there. Their days will be filled with friendship, excellent care and plenty of activities.