Plan Your Second Honeymoon With Home Based Assisted Living

You can set a new relationship goal in your 70s or 80s. Who says romance can only blossom in your teenage years? You can give tough competition to your grandchildren without hopping the pubs or nightclubs. If you are the only people in your home because your adult children and grandchildren are away due to other obligations, you can arrange for other companionship and care.

Home based assisted living in OKC allows couples to stay together. At this age, it is difficult and disheartening to part ways from your partner if the assisted living center does not allow you to live in the same place. Redhaven Care Homes gives you the option to cherish and remember your past while holding your spouse’s hand.

How can you take advantage of this? Assisted living centers today understand the importance of couples living together, and it is a blessing for many. Staying in different places makes visiting difficult, and you do not deserve this. Living in the same place makes your financial planning better, allows you to share needs, improves your health, gives you a feeling of security and, above all, it boosts your mental strength.

Living separately can be daunting, and it can lead to poor financial management. After a life full of struggles and worries, this is the time for companionship and relaxation. Keeping all this in mind, Redhaven’s home based assisted living in OKC provides all necessary facilities.

 What Can You Get?


 As a couple moving into Redhaven Care Homes, you will benefit in multiple ways. This home based assisted living in OKC will provide:

1. Home cooked meals three times each a day to balance your nutrition.

2.  Around-the-clock security service.

3.  Coordinated care and medical help whenever needed.

4.  Activities in which you can actively participate.

5.  Personal caregivers, if needed.

Apart from those, assistance in bathing, dressing, exercising, walking, and moving is also available for those who need it. Other possible benefits include medication reminders, encouragement in your hobbies—like gardening or reading—and help in preparing meals or washing clothes.

Why Is It Trending?

Staying in home based assisted living in OKC with other couples keeps your mental health sound. You can actively decide your finances. Staying with your spouse helps both of you adjust to the new environment. You can become more social and happy. It releases stress, increases happiness and reduces the risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more.

At this stage in your life, you can enjoy “we time” with your partner without worrying about anything else. This is, of course, an extra bonus in that no one will interfere in your life. Choosing home based assisted living in OKC is completely up to you and your spouse, but know that there are many benefits to doing so.