Acknowledge the Calling: Is It the Right Time for Assisted Living In OKC?


Assisted living can also be called dignified living. This type of facility is generally for elderly people who are in need of a little extra support for daily tasks. The idea of assisted living revolves around the activities of life, including administrative help for the residents, medication and other personal care as well as the assurance that the residents are safe and sound. Facilities offering assisted living in okc can take anyone under their care who is not able to do daily activities unaided, although assisted living originally developed for people who are mentally and physically handicapped.

Considering assisted living means making the decision to stay at home or move to a new place with multiple benefits provided. Redhaven Care Homes, a provider of assisted living in okc, is a licensed facility that provides care for people who are unable to live fully on their own. But how can you decide when it is the right time for assisted living?

As a senior, knowing the signs of aging and acknowledging those signs can be complicated. Your elderly loved one has spent a lot of time caring for family, and now it is time to focus on him or her. If you live far from your senior family member due to your career or other reasons, you can choose Redhaven Care Homes as their caregiver in OKC.

According to the latest study conducted by the American Health Care Association, half of the residents above 85 years old choose to stay at assisted living facilities in Oklahoma. On the other hand, 27 percent of people aged 75 to 84 opt for assisted living. At Redhaven Care Homes, we have recognized a few signs that suggest whether it is the right time for assisted living in OKC.

Though all situations are different, here are some of those signs:

1. Struggling with personal care, i.e., the inability to take a shower or groom oneself. You may notice that they have not bathed for days or their clothes are all dirty. Although they know how to take care of these things, they may not be able to unassisted.


2. The inability to take care of the home or pets. You may find dirty clothes or utensils piled up here and there, accumulated clutter and dirt, an overflowing garbage bin and, overall, an unhealthy and unhygienic surrounding.


3. Aloofness or avoiding social activity. Notable changes in personality, sundowning or aggression in the evening, frequent mood swings and dementia all are signs of aging. People at this age tend to slow down, but being aloof or maintaining distance from friends, family or any kind of social activities are serious signs of aging and a matter of concern.


4. Accidents and safety threats. An increasing number of accidents and falls, deterioration of mobility, inability to take medicines and memory loss all are considered as security threats.


5. Change in eating habits. The following signs related to changes in eating habits can be alarming: forgetfulness, skipping meals or not preparing food, keeping expired items for a longer time, consuming spoiled or rotten food, and severe weight loss or weight gain.


6. Mental changes. Intellectual decline, including judgmental issues, confusion and lack of concentration, can be considered a sign of aging.


7. Financial issues. Dwelling on financial issues, forgetting to pay bills and over-withdrawing money can have negative effects. Before your loved one becomes a victim of a scam, enroll him or her with Redhaven Care Homes for the best assisted living in OKC.

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