Different Ways to Keep Your Brain Active as You Age

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As you grow older, you begin to observe some changes within your body. Your physical health generally deteriorates. Even your brain undergoes change, and so your ability to remember things also declines.

With age, mental decline is common, but it can be avoided or at least controlled. Read on to discover the different ways to keep your brain active as you age.

Physical Activity

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Several studies have shown that physical activity helps the brain. Exercise helps with the growth of new nerve cells and augments the connections between synapses. This makes the mind more sharp, efficient and adaptive. Moreover, physical exercise also helps reduce mental tension, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and assist in balancing blood sugar levels.

Mental Activity

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Various research has proved that mental activities stimulate connections between nerve cells and can help the brain generate new cells that may even prevent future cell loss. Any sort of mental activity such as reading, writing, painting or even solving mathematical problems or word puzzles improves the mind.

You can also learn a new language. Most libraries have foreign language CDs, or you can even enroll in an online course. Taking a little time every day to practice a new language will help stimulate your brain.

If you are fond of music, then learning a new instrument will not only be fun, but it will also benefit your brain.

Proper Nutrition

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The intake of proper nutrition helps your mind as well as your body. Researchers have found that switching to a Mediterranean-style diet that includes fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, unsaturated oils and plant sources of protein may help improve your brain functions.